When the 24th annual Grammy Awards were organized on February 24, 1982, it was a night of triumph for the singer-songwriter.

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Carnes, meanwhile, had actually recorded five albums due to the fact that her 1971 debut, that which only the last, Romance Dance, had actually made any kind of real chart inroads. But then she videotaped the Mistaken Identity album, exit in the feather of 1981 and also containing she strikingly different arrangement of “Bette Davis Eyes.”The song ended up being a national and international sensation, topping the Billboard warm 100 because that nine main and transforming into America’s biggest hit the the whole of 1981. Grammy nominations followed, and when the 24th yearly awards were held at the Shrine Auditorium, it was a night that triumph for both the writers and also the performer.“Bette Davis Eyes” won both the document of the Year Grammy, for Carnes and also producer Val Garay, and Song the the Year, because that DeShannon and Weiss. ~ above a good evening for five-time winner Quincy Jones, and also one the posthumous acknowledgment of John Lennon, Kim Carnes and also Jackie DeShannon additionally went home really happy.“Bette Davis Eyes” is top top the Kim Carnes album Mistaken Identity, which can be bought here.