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CategoriesNooks and cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and the bees SEMANTIC ENIGMASA man having actually an extra-marital affair has a mistress. What walk a married woman, under the same (damaging) scenarios have?Jessie Churchill, eastern Providence, USA A mattress? Bruno Metz, Strasbourg, France In Scotland, she would have a "fancy man". Phil Cohen, Sydney, Australia A paramour. D. Wyld, Athens, greek The hump? Alasdair Patrick, Lake Forest, CA, USA A toyboy. Stuart Wells, Nottingham, UK A paramour. The word has the included advantage of no being sex-specific. Hari Menon, Mumbai, India the word "mistress" is pertained to as very outdated currently - I have actually not heard it used outside a historical or imperial context for some years.There never ever was an accurate equivalent word for the solitary male sexual partner of a married woman, reflecting maybe the cultural norm that ladies were intended to be faithful in marriage while guys were meant to stray a little. In so far as there to be a native it was "lover", but this was a word v a much vaguer meaning. Come the Victorians and also their precursors a male was described as a woman"s lover if he to be courting her with a check out to marriage, or simply loved she emotionally, v no connotations that there was a sexual relationship between them, and no feeling that he to be anything come be worried or embarrassing of. The word is used in this feeling by mrs Austen for example. A married woman"s lover was undoubtedly her indistinguishable of the mistress. The expression "fancy man" was likewise heard.In the Mediterranean there was a native "cisisbeo", that was a man who to be a married woman"s an excellent friend and also accompanied her to social occasions in the absence of her husband, and might or could not have a sexual partnership with her. Susan Deal, Sheffield, UK Mattress Hussein Shamte, Nairobi, Kenya The ideal of both worlds? Catriona Bryson, Glasgow, Scotland A mister? man Bennett, Glasgow, Scotland the word you want is "cicisbeo", despite you"ll uncover that the dictionary definitions tend come be quite coy around it. Not fairly right, in that it usually method a "male mistress" that is normally known to be hers."Cavelier servant" is similar, yet does not imply that the mrs is married. Ken Spector, Chicago, IL, USA no a matresss -since a mistress is something in between a mister and also a mattress! Ian Hymes, Chester, UK ns rather favor the Trinidadian hatchet "sweet man." Fragano Ledgister, Atlanta, USA grandfather Spector is incorrect: a cicisbeo is a man contracted to pleasure a married mrs - however with the complete awareness and consent of her husband. A peculiarity of Venetian society, that all points were allow so long as no-one oficially knew around them, involved demand the a married woman have such a hired guy for her lover, to the hazard of scandal if she walk not. Man Bennett, Glasgow, Scotland add your answer

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