i have been skip him. Yet he still has the organs to speak to me, concerned me and chat with me. Why?i provided to like him aloooooooot however the inconsistency the his actions transforms me off. We had actually a history together so yes I'm obtaining over him. He must too.

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ns think that all depends on The Situation. No, not the guy from jersey shores -.-. I'm talking about what happen in between the two. Such together If they space acquaintances, friends, near friends, lovers, ex's, or quiet together. Due to the fact that you don't really provide much details on the situation. I'm going to make part guesses from my/friends experiences. = no interest>acquaintances- If you two just met, and also He seems like he is yes, really in to you, then this question could indicate, He knows you liked him in ~ the start yet now, Your not giving sufficient signs to guarantee him the your certainly still right into him as well. (Playing tough to obtain is a powerful strategy and works every time. Yet play to hard and also he'll think your just not that right into him.) >If girlfriend two just met, and also He currently seems choose he's backing turn off then this question might indicate, that is make the efforts to see if skip you and also staying away a bit can throw you turn off a little bit or offer you a hint. He could just want to be friends.Friends- If you men are friends and also things room going wonderful, the is yes, really in to you then maybe by questioning "do you still prefer me?" deserve to mean, he is making certain your on the same web page as him.>If you men are friends yet the road is kinda bumpy such together you skinny closer come him and also he kinda slides away a little bit , He could not like you in the way you choose him, for this reason he can really be asking "Heyy, I prefer you and all, yet as I obtained to understand you an ext as friend. I would like it to remain this. What about you?".(Friend delivery Zone .Not fairly Boyfriend & Girlfriend yet still Awesome. If he Asks you this but never really confirmed a romantic interest in you. But knew you favored him then, That can mean, the likes some one now. However doesn't know if you still favor him. After all If that is important your ideal closest girlfriend then that would never ever want to hurt you.(unless it's end the Telly :> lolz)Lovers- If you 2 were or room lovers then probably he might have occurred feelings for you the you had actually for that once however he is not sure you still have them. >If he appears to be backing far or not "enjoying" it as much, He can mean "we had are cook moments but I'm interested in an additional now"Ex's- He might still like you or gained his feelings because that you back. >He thinks you tho do.

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He might not choose that therefore he is making certain if you execute or not.Together- He's probably simply kidding about :P (if he's a jokester) >He feels like you lost interest in him.Either means be right forward through him speak "_Your answer here Yes or No_, Why? carry out you still choose me/her?" It's the only way to discover out because that sure. Interaction is necessary in any relationship.Good Luck tho