If you’re a girl, girlfriend probably have a soft spot because that compliments and flattery. You reap hearing sweet words together as, “You’re amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful” since it renders you feel appreciated, cared for, and comfortable in your skin.

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It speak you the someone out there loves you for that you are and appreciates whereby you’re going together a person. It also empowers you as a woman and also gives girlfriend the confidence rise you secretly desire.

But if it’s been a while since you’ve heard encouraging sweet native (especially from a guy) and also you long attention and also desirability, hear sweet words have the right to be an extremely dangerous for you.

Excessive flattery can provide you a false feeling of appreciation and also security—and consequently, open your heart up to the wrong type of person. Come the kind of human being who’s expert at making delicate women loss prey to his too much praises.

So it is in careful around the type of praises a guy offers you since words have actually meanings. They depict a guy’s personality and also his intentions.

That said, if girlfriend barely know a guy and he’s showering you with sweet words that make you feeling good, he’s most likely buttering you up because that a selfish reason.

He most likely wants you come feel great in your skin so that you have the right to relax about him and also in time, offer him what the wants. Attention and also sex.

However, if you’ve well-known this guy for a while and he states you’re amazing, kind, and genuine, he’s probably got a selfless factor for complimenting you. Opportunities are the he enjoys your agency and the means you make him feel—and the he desires you to recognize he appreciates you.

This post is because that those girls who wonder, “What does it mean when a guy says you room amazing.”


Does he favor you once he showers you with compliments?

Maybe…. Yes no guarantee the he likes-likes you simply by drowning you in compliments. Frivolous compliments, unfortunately, can’t guarantee a straight “yes” the he likes you.

They can’t since they prove that they are much more about the superficial reciprocation than they are around you.

So forget around the guy’s sweet words and consider his action instead. It’s all the matters.

Here space a couple of ways come tell that the guy’s intentions room selfless:

He share his lengthy term purposes with you and also shows an attention in yoursHe introduces you come his family and also friendsHe enjoys his quality time with youHe doesn’t rush and wants to get to know you betterHe rushes to your help whenever you need supportHe doesn’t enforce his beliefs on youHe’s transparent and also tells friend the truth

With that being said, if you notification that the guy’s law the the opposite of the over – the he showers you v compliments in the beforehand stages the friendship, yes sir a huge possibility the he’s not interested in her feelings, however his.

He could be trying to manipulate you into dropping your guard and extorting attention, validation, and also even sex.

So it is in wary that a honey-tongued male who’s battle you v affection, attention, and also compliments together he might be trying to discover the entrance to her pants. The guy could be do the efforts to usage you because that emotional and sexual purposes and discard you when he find someone new or other different.

It seems that Taylor Swift’s figured this out in her song empty Space. She’s saying that “Boys just want love if it’s torture.”

What she method by that is that guys love to chase after girl who represent a an obstacle for them. They enjoy the an obstacle and in ~ the exact same time, hate not acquiring what lock want.

They’re goal-oriented, thus why they proceed to chase to fulfill their egos and also cravings.

When ns was simply a kid, mine dad supplied to phone call me that a honey-tongued guy doesn’t really typical what he says. He stated that a guy provides you gifts and also flabbergasting compliments only as soon as he desires something from you.

At the time, i was too young to understand that guys might be for this reason deceiving. But now that I’m a little older, I understand that part are. I’m proud to say I’ve occurred the capability to detect men with bad intentions a mile away before they even open your mouths.

Practice provides perfect. ?

How to understand if he is being sincere when he’s offering compliments?

If you have doubts about a guy’s intentions, you have every appropriate to feel that way. Maybe you’ve been cheated on before and also you don’t desire to be played for a fool again.

Or possibly you don’t want to waste her emotions on someone who has much more red flags than Soviet Russia.

Whatever your factors for apprehensiveness might be, your many reliable device for detecting men with negative intentions is time.

Know that a guy have the right to fake his compliments and affection, but he can not hide his true colors. No for long since sooner than later, he’ll forget about his fake image and slowly, at some point at a time, revert earlier to his regular self.

It’s no a matter of if, but when.

If you wonder if the guy’s comments room genuine, girlfriend really have to pay close fist to the method he communicates through you. Observe how he communicates with his friends, family, his neighbors, the elderly, waitresses, and also with everyone he encounters.

According come Tony Dungy, the method you treat a mrs will impact every area of your life at some point. It will certainly stretch past your immediate relationships v your mam or girlfriend, to your friends, parents, and children. Character is revealed in the way you act others and also how you handle relationships.”

Always remember that actions speak louder 보다 words. They explain a person’s personality, ethical values, and also self-respect.

So nothing rush and get to truly understand the person you’re slowly gaining closer to. Perform this out of self-respect.

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Do friend now understand what it method when a guy says you room amazing? What compliments did you obtain from men before? Share all the sweet words and also promises below this post.