Congratulations! You’ve obtained yourself a date.

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her lookis ~ above lock. You’re prepared with a thoughtful take on your favorite movie (Tommy Boy),and a working expertise of just how to navigate a alcohol list.

Now, do you know just how talk about yourself top top a date?

Nope, not choose this

How girlfriend talk around yourself top top adate in the early stages states a lot—and i don’t mean just the answers us (you’re native Indiana originally, and went to school in Colarado, yada yada).

Because what friend say and how you to speak it is about more than just the facts. When she’s listening, she’ll be doing part her own mental calculations, do the efforts to figure out, “Who is this person and are we a fit?” and also knowing that can be kind of nerve-wracking, right?!

So, what have to you to speak on a date? And how to respond to the dreaded question, “Tell me around yourself”?

Well, the short answer is, that course, be yourself! Share v them the points you’re interested in, and give castle a peek at her world.

But I gain it. Learning exactly how to talk about yourself on days can feel tricky. You desire to be you yourself in a means that’s engaging (so you net yourself a second date!) without trying too hard.

Being yes, really while also putting your ideal foot front on a day isn’t always easy.

But you deserve to do it! Ultimately, awoman desires to know you favor yourself and the life you’ve created. Otherwise, why would she stick approximately to it is in a component of it?

Keep scrolling to learn exactly how to respond to “Tell me about yourself” top top a date:

Being about a Debbie Downer isn’t commonly this fun

How come talk about yourself top top a day Tip #1

Pivot to the positive

On an early date, you’re both thinking: Is this someone I desire to be approximately all the time?You don’t need to be continuous sunny and also cheerful, of course, however it renders sense to job enthusiasm, rather than negativity.

For instance, among the an initial things civilization talk around on days is your jobs.So when a woman asks, “What execute you do?” for the love that god, don’t answer v something womp womp-y like, “Are you prepared for a nap?”

Ha ha ha, oh your career, the point you spend a bulk of her waking hours is so dull you feeling compelled come warn a listener they’ll literally come to be catatonic if girlfriend talk about it? that’s so fun and sexy!

Wait, no. That is the contrary of sexy.

Should it really come as a surprise that if you find your own job to it is in stupidly boring, she’s going come wonder what the says around you?

Especially if she loves she job, or at the very least, no openly sh*t on that to who she barely knows, then this date probably no going come be followed with another.

After all, who wants to be around someone who thinks exactly how they invest a bulk of every waking job is a full snooze…and isn’t law anything to readjust that?

It’s not that you’re make the efforts to market yourself ~ above a date, but you perform want to communicate your conversation partner, and that’s easier when you pivot come the positive.

Here’s what to carry out instead.

Replace this:

“I’m one actuary. It’s boring. Ns look in ~ spreadsheets every day. Haha, yet enough about me.”

With this:

“I calculate threat – it’s kind of prefer being a experienced gambler, though my ceo still won’t let me stay sunglasses in meetings. Ns know. We actually have actually these crazy statistics models that we use where we video game out when and how world are going to die…”

How much an ext do you desire to cave out with the second person? Personally, ns would have so plenty of questions about that crazy-morbid fatality model (namely, “Do you understand when I’M going to die?!”).

Now, this doesn’t average you must be fake.

What it means is that if you space the kind of human being whose inclination is to constantly lead through the negative, you may want to carry out some soul-searching and reflect on why that is. It can be worth working on yourself to become the kind of human being who leads v the positive! perhaps that’s v therapy, or journaling, or even some an excellent old fashioned optimistic self talk in the winter each morning.

>Pssst, here’s some great inspiration for very first date conversation

There’s a huge difference in between being humble (“I mean, I’m no hero just since I began a charity that teaches killer whales to read…”) and a bummer.

And look, if you think what you do is super-boring but likewise are totally fine with that, climate say it and also move on!

“My day job pays the bills, and also it permits me to travel / volunteer / visit my family / whatever, which is great!”

And if you’re all, “But Megan, i should have the ability to be myself! If I dislike my job/roommates/family, i should have the ability to say so.” and also to that ns say, totally. However there’s a difference in between saying, “Yeah, mine job/roommates/family is kind of the worst” and also “My project is kind of the worst, and also I’m searching for a brand-new one. In the meantime, i’m finding a lot of happiness in my new puppy. Wanna check out a picture?” watch the difference?


Accentuate the hopeful in your life, and also she’ll desire to hear much more about it.

How to talk around yourself on a date Tip #2

Aim for back-and-forth banter

Here’s a secret: as soon as women begin asking friend a most questions on a date, that not due to the fact that you are the most exciting man in the whole world.

Nope, it’s actually since us ladies are emotional masochists that turn bad dates into de facto interviews when the various other person’s no bothering to ask anything of us.

Some world (ahem, a lot of guys) have a propensity not to notice a conversation’s rotate lopsided due to the fact that everyone likes talking around themselves, but it’s a well line and one you have to tune in to notice. If she’s questioning you a cable of questions about Madden, motorcycles, MMA, whatever it is you have expressed passionate for, you’re not having a conversation anymore. You’re having an interview.

And spoiler, she not obtaining the job.

Because: girlfriend answering she question, talking more, her asking another question, you talking more…is not a conversation. If you’re talk at her, the not fun for her, and you simply don’t notification because she’s too polite to slam her hand top top the table, and scream, “HEY! asking ME A QUESTION.”

That’s not to speak you shouldn’t talk around your passions. Friend should! It’s simply that you must just also be curious around hers. After ~ all, you want to recognize if you have commonalities that might drive a connection.

For instance, maybe she’s not training for a marathon like you are, however she is super-committed come fitness. Boom! miscellaneous in common. through asking questions back, girlfriend can uncover out much more about your mutual interests and also if friend two space a fit.

Also, if you notification that you haven’t asked she a question in awhile, don’t merely ask her last question earlier to her. Keep pushing the conversation forward. If she simply asked you your favorite book, you can ask her the best book-to-movie adaptation she witnessed this year. Or if she to be to compose a book, what would it it is in about? These kind of “Yes, and” questions present that you’re engaged and also interested in the conversation. Much far better than lazily lobbing her question ago at her.

And look, I obtain it. Dates can be nerve-wracking and feel a bit like an interview to start with. It have the right to feel much easier just to answer she questions and talk around what’s interesting to you. Fight that urge, or she can be eyeing the exits before the check comes.


If you’re doing every the talking, that not since you’re therefore fascinating. It’s because you’re gift boring.

How come talk about yourself top top a date Tip #3

Go slow with vulnerability

Depending on just how much you wear her heart on your sleeve (when it’s women, it’s called “being emotional”), this might be basic or challenging for you. Once you’re vibing top top a date, you may find yourself wanting to tell she all your secrets, fears, and dreams. But especially as soon as it’s early days, it’s ideal to keep your emotionally vomit in check.

In Daring Greatly, Brené Brown wrote around the importance of embracing vulnerability. That being vulnerable makes united state human, and even strong.


She additionally talked around how some human being use vulnerability as a defense mechanism, driving away intimacy through “floodlighting” others through their emotional baggage before the relationship has actually been built up with trust.

Here’s what Brown wrote:

“Sometimes we’re no even aware that we’re oversharing together armor. We can purge our vulnerability or ours shame stories out of total desperation to it is in heard. Us blurt out something the is causing us tremendous pain since we can’t be afflicted with the assumed of holding that in because that one much more second. Ours intentions may not it is in purging or blurting come armor ourself or push others away, but that’s the precise outcome of ours behaviors.

Maybe you’ve been there. The other human gets that deer in headlights look, and also you recognize you might have stated too much, as well soon.


Not to say girlfriend shouldn’t it is in honest, but maybe your very first date isn’t the moment to go all This Is Us ~ above her v a severe sob story.

That’s no so hard, right? continue to be positive. It is in curious. Be patient.


Oh, and also one much more thing. You’ll feeling your most comfortable and confident if you like what you’re wearing! ,= watch handsome!

Below, check out a few great men’s outfits for a casual date:


Levi’s denim jacket | Greats sneakers | Warby Parker sunglasses

SG Says: Don’t be afraid of going denim on denim. Just be certain your coat is a different wash than your jeans.

Would you rather wear a different light jacket? That’s cool, too. Inspect out our roundup of the finest spring outerwear because that guys.


sneakers: Vans | belt: Hugo Boss

SG Says: A puffer vest is a great in-between option as soon as it involves layering. V slip-on sneaks and a pair of dark rinse denim, you’ll be prepared for where the day takes you.


shirt jacket: Everlane | dress pants: The Tie Bar

SG Says: Don’t be fear of millennial pink. The looks an excellent with the neutrals the are more than likely all in her closet, choose navy and also the military eco-friendly of this cool overshirt.


sneakers: Converse | 5-pocket pants: Todd Snyder

SG Says: Wear bone-white corduroy bottom to present you space a grown male who isn’t afraid of spilling stuff on his pants.


Chelsea boots: Blundstone | woven belt: Bonobos

SG Says: Yep, much more denim top top denim. V Chelsea boots and a cool woven belt, you’ll be prepared for drinks, coffee, or something in between.


cargo pants: L.L.Bean | blazer: Bonobos | boots: Thorogood

SG Says: This outfit is every kinds of interesting. You deserve to absolutely pull turn off cargo pants in 2020, so lengthy as girlfriend wear them in a slim silhouette, and also pair them through something sophisticated, favor this turtleneck and blazer combo.

Now that you know how to talk around yourself on a date, you’re definitely ready to handle this fashion-forward outfit.


Stripe shirt: Armor Lux | suit: Suitsupply | sneakers: gold Goose

SG Says: A high-low mix of your favorite year-round grey suit v a long-sleeve strip tee and your coolest sneakers can just be our favourite look ~ above this list.


Now girlfriend know how to talk around yourself on a date.

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