They room formed during the night when sea water and also land both lose heat, specific heat volume of land being really low as contrasted to that of sea water, land loses heat energy fast and cools much more rapidly as compared to the sea. Sea water being at higher temperature, the air i do not care lighter and rises up. Wait from land gift at greater pressure.

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So air indigenous land start blowing towards the sea and gives increase to a soil breeze.


Sea breeze: blowing breeze indigenous sea towards land throughout the work is called sea breeze.

They space formed throughout the job time once land and sea both are heated same by the sun, yet land has very low certain heat volume as compared to the sea, so the is cook up an ext quickly, hence air over land because of heat i do not care lighter and also rises up. Therefore pressure decreases and cold and also humid air over the sea blowing towards land.


"hello welcome come Lido today we space going to check out what room the land and also sea bridges describe their formations for this reason i'm going to likewise explain the development of every one land bridges room blowing bridges indigenous the land in the direction of the sea is called land bridges blowing towards the land to the sea it s okay you taillight the explanation for this one right here you inspect out here i'm walk to explain the both land and also sea bridges yes let's start so land breezes space land breezes how they're going to be defined so what this method flowing breezes indigenous land towards the sea punch breezes from land in the direction of the sea it's gonna be a happen so it's referred to as andreas and they are formed throughout the night once the sea water and the land both shed it okay when the sea and also the land water going to shed both of them the lose warmth so a details heat volume of floor being very low as contrasted to the sea water specific capacity of heat going come the low for the land then the sea for this reason what happens right here land loses heat power fast and also cools more rapidly together for contrasted to the sea so sea water being greater temperature the air i do not care lighter and also the rises increase air native the floor and greater pressure for this reason the wait land start blowing towards the sea offers the riser soil breeze so exactly how is going to be happened you know so you view the land breezier here what happening right here you can examine out here here girlfriend can check out so gift the c is going come be very warm what happens right here the contrasted to the temperature for this reason this is going to be an extremely warm so it will release the heat outside and it will certainly become an extremely less dense and the heat which is released external going to be it was observed by the land okay so the cold air is going come come here and the warm is walk to it is in released right here so in this means it's going come be occur for the soil race and what is the an interpretation of sea breeze i hope you taken the land bridge mix currently let's look out for the sea bridge means what yes so sea breeze explain to the sea breeze sea breeze how it's maybe this is created okay view where is it from blowing the breeze native the sea in the direction of the land throughout the day okay this is uh throughout the night ideal yeah check out let's look at out here see a sea breeze yes wait yes breeze native the sea indigenous sea in the direction of the soil land during which time during the day during day breath from sea in the direction of the land throughout day is walking to be happening it's called the sea breeze for this reason they are formed throughout the day once time once the land and sea both space heated same by the sun okay they are both space heated equally by the sun okay for this reason what happened but but the land has an extremely low details heat capacity as compared to the sea so the is boil up more okay so quickly there's a hair over the land due to the warmth becomes lighter and also the rises have actually this pressure decreases and the cold and also the humidity over the sea blowing towards land for this reason this is walk to it is in happening okay so this is the reasons for the both land and sea breezes i hope you construed this video subscribe to the channel for consistent updates and thanks because that watching this video"