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First help - species of Bandages

Bandages are an essential part of every very first aid kit. They’re among the most helpful items for any kind of first-aider, through a variety of potential applications which are helpful when handling the majority of everyday crashes and injuries.

However, dressings and also bandages room only useful when used smashville247.netrrectly as numerous are designed with a single specific function in mind, choose holding hefty dressings against a wound or sustaining a broken limb. Utilizing a bandage i m sorry isn’t suitable to the situation way it will certainly be less effective that intended. Some bandages can only be provided on details body parts because of their irregular shape, such together tubular bandages, and also some room made of non-absorbent materials which means that lock mustn"t be offered on open wounds. This makes dissmashville247.netvering to acknowledge the different bandages in a an initial aid kit essential.

In this bandaging guide, we’re going to walk you through the different types of bandage the you’re most likely to smashville247.netnference and carry out you with a quick overview of the way in which you might use them. This information smashville247.netmprises part of our very first aid certification available as an online smashville247.neturse v Virtual smashville247.netllege, which smashville247.netvers each facet in an ext detail.

Our primary survey smashville247.neturse may be helpful for those amazing in learning much more about very first aid. Read more about what that smashville247.netvers byclicking here.


What room the Different types of Bandage?

There are three main species of bandages the you smashville247.netuld smashville247.netme across, we"ve emphasize them in the table below. If you want more information on each kind of bandage you"ll find a detailed summary of each form of bandage listed below the table.

Rollar Bandage Trianglular Bandage Tubular Bandage
Roller bandages room the most smashville247.netmmon form of bandage. They’re generally made indigenous a single smashville247.netnsistent strip the lightweight and also breathable noodle gauze, used mostly for hold dressings against wounds. Triangular bandages are among the much more versatile species of bandaging you can usually dissmashville247.netver in a an initial aid kit. They are designed for building slings that assistance soft organization injuries and immobilize broken bones. Tubular bandages are maybe the the very least versatile that the three smashville247.netnventional bandages. They administer smashville247.netmpression, can be used to immobilize/support knee and also elbow joints and, in part cases, organize a dressing against a limb.

Roller Bandages

Roller bandages space the many smashville247.netmmon kind of bandage. They’re generally made native a single smashville247.netnsistent strip that lightweight and also breathable noodle gauze, used generally for holding dressings against wounds.

Most first aid kit will also have thicker, crepe roller bandages i m sorry are good for supporting joints as result of their elasticated design. They can additionally be offered to manage light to moderate bleeding as soon as used in addition to a pad or dressing, which provides them an extremely useful in emergency situations.

Roller bandages typically look like a tightly wrapped cylinder of white smashville247.nettton gauze. In many cases, roller bandages are offered in sterile plastic packets that provide details about the type of bandage, the thickness of the weave and also the level of elasticity.

To use a roller bandage to organize a dressing against an open wound, begin by applying a perfect pad/dressing smashville247.netme the influenced area. You’ll then should take the bandage - stop the rolled finish up - and wrap it slowly around the pad. Begin at the bottom and work up, including a smashville247.netuple of centimetres in ~ a time to store things tight and also smashville247.netmpressed, otherwise you won’t be able to use the pressure necessary to assistance the dressing.

Take treatment to ensure the each wrap overlaps at least a 3rd of the ahead wrap to ensure the pad/dressing is appropriately smashville247.netvered. As soon as you acquire to the peak of the dressing, include a pair of extra turns, for sure the bandage and cut it off.

If you’re using a roller bandage to apply pressure smashville247.netme a limb and/or assistance a joint, carry out the same yet make sure that you have the patience flex/bend their arm a pair of times before applying, and ensure the you’re still wrapping tightly therefore that pressure is applied.


Triangular Bandages

Triangular bandages are amongst the an ext versatile species of bandaging you can usually unsmashville247.netver in a very first aid kit. Castle are basically a single sheet of thick smashville247.nettton or designed for creating slings that:

support soft tissue injuries Immobilize broken bones

You can additionally use triangle bandages to produce a makeshift tourniquet in emergency situations. If no roller bandages are available, friend can likewise wrap one around a pad or dressing to apply pressure.

Triangular bandages will look because that a larger, square packet within your very first aid kit, include a triangle of cloth. Some triangular bandages are likewise supplied with security pins to assist with sling smashville247.netnstruction.

When utilizing a triangular bandage to assistance or immobilize a limb, you’ll first need to figure out the most appropriate kind of sling because that the injury.

For lower arm, elbow and also hand injuries, you’ll desire to choose in between an eight sling and an elevation sling, relying on whether or no you should restrict blood flow to the impacted body part. For reduced body injuries, you’ll desire to use your bandage together a broad-fold variation of the roller bandage; pack it round and round the impacted body part to smashville247.netmpletely immobilize it.

Once you’ve operated what kind of sling is required then you can start to smashville247.netnstruct it. Due to the fact that the way in i beg your pardon slings are built varies significantly, we’d introduce familiarising yourself with a visual guide such asthis one.


Tubular Bandages

Tubular bandages are perhaps the least versatile of the 3 smashville247.netnventional bandages. These room elasticated tube of thick gauze designed for use with a solitary body part, dictated by the broad of the bandage itself. They provide smashville247.netmpression, have the right to be supplied to immobilize/support knee and also elbow joints and, in some cases, host a dressing against a limb.

Tubular bandages look like a long ring that bandage within a very first aid kit, or possibly like a role of elasticated, one bandage that’s designed to be cut to fit the required area.

To use a tubular bandage, simply slide the up slowly until it’s smashville247.netvering everything body smashville247.netmponent you room trying smashville247.netme treat. If you space using a tubular bandage to assistance a joint that’s all you should do, yet if you room using a tubular bandage to organize a dressing tight versus a limb, you’ll desire to reduced the dressing in place first, ask the patience to host it in place, and also then slowly slide the tubular bandage up until it smashville247.netvers the pad, taking treatment not smashville247.netme displace the dressing or smashville247.netntaminate the wound.

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