Left come right: (front): Bobby Hansen, Stacey King, will certainly Perdue, Cliff Levingston, Scott Williams, Craig Hodges. (middle): B.J. Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, bill Cartwright, Scottie Pippen, john Paxson. (back): Asst. Coach Tex Winter, Asst. Coach Jim Cleamons, Head Coach Phil Jackson, Asst. Coach Johnny Bach.

Before the Bulls could claim back-to-back championships, they very first had to rally indigenous a 15-point fourth quarter deficit in video game 6 that the smashville247.net Finals against the Portland trace Blazers. And also it to be a group of make reservation playing v Scottie Pippen that turned the game around. Tiny used Bobby Hansen videotaped a three and also a steal, Scott Williams had a pair the blocks, and B.J. Armstrong with four assists and also a jumper to cut the deficit come five practically midway through the quarter collection the stage for Jordan’s return. Michael Jordan climate scored 12 the the team’s last 17 points because that a 97-93 victory.

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After to win the 1991 championship ~ above the road, the Bulls gained to celebrate with their fans, together players scaled the scoring tables come salute the crowd. Traffic was tied increase downtown together spontaneous celebrations broke out into the wee hours from the Chicago stadion to north Michigan Avenue.


Scottie Pippen and also the 1991-92 Chicago Bulls

In June 1992, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and also the Bulls captured their second world championship. Two decades later, Bulls.com has actually Pippen’s take on how the young Bulls turned in a repeat performance and collection the table for one of sport’s great dynasties.

In honor of the 20th anniversary that the Chicago Bulls’ second smashville247.net championship, Bulls.com counted down the height 20 moments from the 1991-92 season:

No. 20: Pippen joins 40-point club in success over Bucks (Feb. 28, 1992)No. 19: Bulls continue dominance end Detroit"s bad Boys (Jan. 24, 1992)No. 18: Jordan torches Cavs in postseason tune-up (March 28, 1992)No. 17: Bulls fall to Malone and the Jazz in an epic fight (Feb. 3, 1992)No. 16: Jordan scores 40 together Bulls outlast Blazers in Finals preview (Nov. 29, 1991)No. 15: Hodges claims third straight three-point location (Feb. 8, 1992)No. 14: Bulls dispose the Pistons because that 67th victory (April 19, 1992)No. 13: Huge 4th quarter leads Bulls past Cavs in pivotal video game (May 27, 1992)No. 12: Jordan slowly Price and also the Cavs as Bulls regain house court benefit (May 23, 1992)No. 11: Armstrong lifts Bulls previous Knicks to even collection (May 7, 1992)No. 10: Jordan scores 56 as Bulls sweep heat (April 29, 1992)No. 9: Jordan take away over down the stretch together Bulls score key win against Knicks (May 12, 1992)No. 8: Pippen leader Bulls end Bird"s Celtics on Christmas day (December 25, 1991)No. 7: Pippen propels Bulls ago to the Finals v win over Cavs (May 29, 1992)No. 6: Jordan and the Bulls fight ago in win over Knicks (May 9, 1992)No. 5: Jordan scores 46 as Bulls take 3-2 series lead end Blazers (June 12, 1992)No. 4: Jordan, Pippen and Bulls throttle Knicks in video game 7 (May 17, 1992)No. 3: Bulls celebrate while fans speak of destiny and dynasty (June 17, 1992)No. 2: Jordan shrugs after hitting 6th three in first half the Finals opener (June 3, 1992)No. 1: Pippen leads comeback together Bulls clinch back-to-back title (June 14, 1992)

An overview of the 1991-92 Chicago Bulls

Record: 67-15 (first place)


Playoffs: won franchise’s second straight smashville247.net title defeating Portland 4-2 in the Finals ... Brushed up Miami 3-0 in the an initial round ... Defeated brand-new York 4-3 in east Conference Semifinals ... To win Cleveland 4-2 in eastern Conference Finals.

Honors: Michael Jordan was called the smashville247.net Most valuable Player, smashville247.net Finals Most an important Player, All-smashville247.net an initial Team, All-Defensive first Team, captured his 6th straight scoring title and also started for the1992 eastern All-Stars ... Scottie Pippen started for the 1992 smashville247.net east All-Stars ... Pippen was likewise named come All-Defensive an initial Team and also All-smashville247.net second Team ... Jordan and also Pippen called to 1992 Olympic basketball team ... Craig Hodges winner his 3rd straight Three-Point Shootout challenge at All-Star Weekend ... Bulls’ residence sellout streak got to 243 gamings (includes continuous season and playoffs - 201 and also 42, respectively).

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No SI sheathe jinx because that Jordan and also the Bulls

Having led the Bulls organization to its first world championship in 1991, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson appeared on sports Illustrated"s November 11, 1991 issue previewing the 1991-92 smashville247.net season. Yet there would be no SI jinx. The Bulls graced the cover of SI four an ext times the season, i beg your pardon culminated in the 2nd of six championships. To view more of the archived Sports shown covers, visit the SI Vault.