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-- PepsiCo will relaunch Sierra Mist next year, rebranding the lemon-lime soda to Mist TWST.


"We space looking towards a feather launch," a spokesperson called CSP day-to-day News. "Mist TWST will certainly highlight the lemon-lime credentials of the beverage."

The spokesperson offered no other details, and it's not recognized if the reimage will include a reformulation the the soda itself.

The adjust is the latest makeover for the lemon-lime-flavored soda brand, which has actually undergone many overhauls because launching in 1999, according to an Advertising age report.

The many recent makeover had a change to Stevia as the sweetener, citing a drive towards a healthy and balanced halo. This fall, however, as soon as the comes relaunch was discussed, Beverage Digest reported, "The brand is gift reworked to to mark its lemon-lime credentials and also taste, fairly than a wellness message." The new brand likewise is supposed to "include brand-new flavors in 2016 and 2017," AdAge reported, citing Beverage Digest. Today, Sierra Mist is easily accessible in regular and also diet versions of lemon-lime cranberry splash.

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