This vacation season, invest a day enjoying a take care of Potter or Grinch filled global Studios Christmas. The holidays at universal Studios uses plenty to see and do in regards to entertainment, activities, and also seasonal decor.

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Universal Studios Hollywood concentrates their Christmas time festivities in two main themes: the Wizarding world of bother Potter and Grinchmas. Along with these two main themes, friend can likewise see holiday decor throughout the park indigenous the festive decorations to characters wearing Santa hats! Seasonal food is also in abundance, particularly in the Wizarding civilization of take care of Potter.

Need a refresher on every little thing Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer? Make sure to examine out our full guide with tips on exactly how to acquire discount tickets, what rides room offered, and also a complete touring strategy.

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In this to plan guide:

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Christmas in The Wizarding civilization of take care of Potter


Christmas in The Wizarding civilization of bother Potter takes location for universal Studios Christmas fromNovember 28- December 29th. This area is decked out to its full holiday best and also definitely should make the top of her list!

Universal Studios Christmas: Nightly Snowfall

This year you have the right to now suffer nightly snowfall in Hogsmeade because that the an initial time! girlfriend can check the website for universal Studios Christmas to examine the time or you deserve to ask the nearest park employee to ensure girlfriend don"t miss this brand-new seasonal display.

The Magic the Christmas at hogwart Castle


This present debuted in 2017 and also it"s ago for the vacation season at universal Studios Hollywood! The Magic the Christmas at hogwart Castle has lights, music, and also projections on the castle of hogwart which renders for a stunning display.

Check the entertain schedule ~ above the global Studios application for everyday times or questioning the nearest park employee. Typically, the Magic of Christmas at hogwart Castle show will start in the evening and run every 30 minutes till park close. However on nights the the park close the door early, there may only be one show. Make certain you find out the time in advancement so friend don"t miss out on it!

Holiday Frog Choir

Listen to part holiday songs from the choir of hogwarts students and their croaking frogs!Check the entertainment schedule top top the universal Studios app for daily times or questioning the nearest park employee.

Universal Studios Christmas Seasonal Food


In the harry Potter books, Harry and also his friends enjoy a grand holiday feast in ~ Hogwarts through all the fixings,

“Harry had actually never in every his life had actually such a Christmas dinner. A hundred fat, roast turkeys; hills of roast and boiled potatoes; platters the chipolatas; tureens that buttered peas, silver boats of thick, wealthy gravy and also cranberry sauce — and stacks of magician crackers every few feet along the table…“

The 3 Broomsticks provides a full holiday feast as a nod towards the Christmas dinner feast hosted at hogwart in the take care of Potter series. The holiday Feasts usually include a few courses such as butternut squash soup, beef wellington, range roast turkey, sweet potato, dried cherries, and also winter vegetables. We mean this season"s supplying of a classic English dinner to be just as delicious!

You can likewise find a selection of vacation sweets and also seasonal drinks, such as warmth butterbeer, approximately the Wizarding human being of harry Potter in ~ Christmas time.

Holiday purchase at global Studios Christmas

Hogsmeade supplies a selection of amazing shops directly out the the pages that the bother Potter series. You have the right to expect this stores to placed out all the stops once it comes to serving her holiday to buy needs.

Grinchmas at global Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios also holds a celebration event of Dr. Seuss’s just how the Grinch Stole Christmas through popular characters from the movie prepared to share their Wholiday through your family. The Who-tacular festivities through The Grinch, Max and all of Who-ville takes place December 1, 2, 8, 9 and 14 – 30.

Meet the Grinch


Meet Grinch and Max in former of the Whoville Christmas tree and also snap a picture with this dynamic duo. There are likewise ornaments and cookies come decorate while girlfriend wait to satisfy the Grinch! girlfriend can likewise enjoy a everyday lighting the the 60 feetSeussian tree along with further photograph opportunities.

Send the Grinch a article Card

One of the most heartwarming parts of Grinchmas at global Studios is the Send a Grinch a article Card. If you send the Grinch a postcard promising three good deeds, a book will it is in donated come a boy in need courtesy of the Seuss family. Currently that"s showing some actual Whoville spirit!

Whoville Entertainment during Universal Studios Christmas


See a festive performance from Martha may Who-vier and the Who-dolls transparent the day which is sure to gain you into the holiday Whoville spirit.

You can also listen to Cindy Lou Who check out the story just how the Grinch Stole Christmas and meet her afterwards during this universal Studios Christmas celebration.

And wandering roughly the Whoville tree girlfriend can find other Whoville citizens singing, dancing, and also greeting guests.

Check the universal Studios application to check out the present entertainment times for the day during your visit.

Christmas at global Studios Hollywood

Between Christmas in the Wizarding people of take care of Potter and Grinchmas, there will be plenty of holiday entertainment to save you busy.

Throughout the park girlfriend will notification seasonal holiday decor, personalities such together the lovely Minions in Christmas hats and also festive outfits, and a selection of Christmas treats and souvenirs.

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When it concerns tips because that navigating universal Studios Hollywood throughout this busy time that year, us don"t differ too much from our normal strategy.

But we do have some added tips and also tricks to keep in mind because that this busy holiday season:

Arriveearly-at least 30 minutes before the park opens. Not as many people do this at universal Studios as they carry out at Disneyland, you will certainly be one of the very first ones in if you come early! If you have the extra funds and want to cut ahead the crowds, consider purchasing a Front of the Line pass so you can obtain to the front of the lines quicker. Plan ahead– know the park hours, entertainment schedule, and also want you desire to perform first. If meeting the Grinch is in ~ the height of your list, walk there in the morning prior to the lines gain long in the afternoon. Once there are more than one Magic of Christmas at hogwart Castle show, watch the later on timed one for lower crowd levels. Stay until the park closes– particularly if girlfriend only have actually one day come spend. If Santa is on her list, conserve him because that after the park closes or another day because he"s only discovered in City Walk. Consider staying in ~ an Universal hotel come get beforehand entry into the Wizarding people of harry Potter. Dress in layers– that can obtain chilly as soon as the sunlight goes down! and don"t miss out on trying some warmth holiday Butterbeer!

Universal Studios Hollywood Christmas employee Reviews and Photos

Most that us right here at Mickey Visit have enjoyed Universal Studios Hollywood throughout the holidays! Here"s every our favourite videos and also photos from ours visits. Hands down, friend cannot miss out on The Wizarding world of bother Potter!