10 time Zuko Was good Before He join Team Avatar Prince Zuko may have actually joined Team Avatar in season 3, there are lots of moments that display his good side prior to that. Let"s look at those.

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Zuko is a favourite character that many. His redemption arc is regularly touted as one of the ideal redemption stories in television history. That is one exiled prince who plans to record the avatar to regain his honor. In ~ first, the comes across as one angry and spoiled teenager that will avoid at nothing to get his way. Easily though, fans discover there is method more to Zuko 보다 that. The love and also trust uncle Iroh has for Zuko is no just confidence in his character however proves to it is in deserved over and also over again.

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The prince at some point teams up with the great guys. However, he in reality did a lot of great even an ext be do his selection for redemption. The did not adjust out the nowhere. The story slowly operated up come it v a lot of good deeds transparent the series. V all the in mind, here are ten great things Zuko did before he join Team Avatar.

This episode really stood up out in the entire collection not just because it to be well written, but since its the only episode wherein Team Avatar does not make one appearance. The emphasis is just on Zuko, and he is there is no his usual moral compass . . . Iroh.

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Despite that, he does a very great deed in this episode. He remains with a household (who doesn"t understand his true identity) and also bonds through their son. As soon as the child gets take away by thugs, Zuko saves him. However, once its found Zuko is the exiled prince the the Fire Nation, his prize is an "I hate you" from the boy he saved. That accepts the hate in silence and simply moves on.

Zhao was constantly a worse man than Zuko. He was an adult that was drawn to battle and likewise was ~ the Avatar. He records Aang in the episode, "The Blue Spirit."

In the episode, the Blue Spirit conserves Aang native Zhao. It is later discovered that the Blue soul is Zuko. At that time though, a most fans figured the freed Aang simply to make certain it was not Zhao who got him. However, it to be a an excellent deed anyway.

also though Zuko had yet to join Team Avatar, the did struggle Azula by their side. This is since Azula win Iroh with lightning. Zuko instantly reacts against her. He forgets around all things except for protecting and also avenging his uncle, also if it method teaming up with his very own enemies against his sister.

7 He finds Appa In The Dai Le"s Headquarters and also Frees Him

This occurs in the illustration "Lake Laogai." In it, Zuko discovers Appa and that Aang in what in Ba sing Se. He has to tackle with the reality that he wants to record Aang but his uncle pushes the to disapprove that desire.

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Zuko listens to Iroh and frees Appa. Through the finish of the episode, Aang and also Appa are rejoined without discovering that the was due to Zuko.

due to being at every other"s throats, Zhao and Zuko fight each other in an Agni Kai. Zuko to win Zhao fair and also square. However, unequal his dad, that spares Zhao and walks far after win the fight.

Zhao do the efforts to strike Zuko from behind after ~ this, and Zuko is safeguarded by Iroh. Iroh compliments Zuko"s behavior and calls Zhao"s activity "dishonorable."

5 He helps Iroh"s Dream Of having actually A Tea Shop

next to Zuko, Iroh is also a major fan favorite. When the two space together, they are great foils of each other"s personalities. Zuko is young and impatient when Iroh is the opposite. Despite their differences though, the two greatly care for every other.

A the majority of Zuko"s goodness have the right to be seen once he helps v his uncles" tea shop. That cares around Iroh"s happiness and respects his advice sufficient to offer up his follow of Aang because that a while.

This is what led to Zuko acquiring his scar in the first place. He joins a battle table meeting v his father and also other generals. In your meeting, they indicate using young and inexperienced soldiers as bait when the older and much more experienced veterans work.

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Zuko speaks up versus his idea, believing it is not in their ideal interest to sacrifice their human being like that.

3 He lights The Torches because that Jin on His day With Her

Zuko go on a date with a girl named Jin in Ba song Se. Overall, it"s a little awkward however the two get along and have a funny time. Throughout the date, they go to a fountain the is stated to look at beautiful as soon as the lanterns space lit. However, as soon as they obtain there Jin is disappointed to see the lanterns room unlit.

Zuko tells she to close her eyes and also he conveniently firebends the lights on. A very sweet gesture that put his identity at risk.

together a kid, because of speaking at the war table, Zuko has to do an Agni Kai. He does not recognize until the is also late the he is to duel his own father. The minute he find out, that bows down and refuses come fight.

His father, gift the huge bad that the series, then offers Zuko his scar and exiles him.

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1 Zuko make the efforts To save Zhao

however again, Zuko showed himself come be better than Zhao in this instance. During the attack of the northern Water Tribe and also after he eliminated the Moon Spirit, Zhao is taken away and killed by the ocean Spirit. Zuko uses his hand come Zhao while the s Spirit has him. Zhao almost takes it yet at the last minute, refuses Zuko"s help.