My boyfriend is by much the ideal guy I’ve ever dated and also we make each other really happy. However, he keeps informing me just how happy ns make him and also that I’m the ideal thing that’s ever before happened come him and also blah, blah, blah. These things were nice come hear at first, but now after over a year with each other I really wish he’d stop.

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I can’t be the key reason because that his happiness. 

Of course world in a relationship need to make each various other happy, yet in bespeak to have a healthy, fulfilling life together, i firmly think that people in a relationship an initial need to find happiness individually. Basically, as much as I do want to make him happy, I recognize that ns alone can’t and also won’t it is in his primary resource of joy. I require to recognize that, must anything ever happen come me, he’ll end up OK.

Sometimes I worry he’s offering up his dreams for me. 

Whenever I asking my friend what he wants out the life, he states that he desires to be with me and start a household down the road. While this might sound simply peachy top top the surface, the truth is the I worry that he’s setting too lot of self aside because that me. Due to the fact that he’s so concentrated on me, I are afraid that he’s losing emphasis on himself. I want him to be his very own person and make the most of his life. ~ all, I’m pretty focused on my own dreams and am proactively working in the direction of them every day. I’m happy in act so, and so I desire him to likewise do other for self that provides him happiness and also meaning.

I likewise worry the it’s creating an imbalance in our relationship. 

It’s not that my friend doesn’t make me happy in return. The does, yet I don’t go about saying the all the moment or acting favor he’s mine ultimate reason for being. I likewise can’t aid but feel kind of guilty that ns don’t tell the he provides me happy as much as he tells me that. Yet I’m not going to start doing that, lest we end up being one that those creepy couples that’s way too codependent. Unfortunately, all of this is leading to me feeling like the connection scale is beginning to tilt unevenly. Also though it might be technically in mine favor, I’m not comfortable v it.

I feel favor I’m being placed on a pedestal, and that’s no OK. 

I understand that there’s a lot of of human being out there who think this is the ultimate kind of flattery, yet to me, it’s not. Instead, it makes me feel favor my boyfriend sees me together being as well perfect since, in enhancement to informing me just how happy ns make him, he does call me all the moment that I’m “the perfect girl.” but I’m not perfect—far from it. I’m a human being who renders mistakes, falls short at things, lies occasionally, and gets red and splotchy once she cries.

It’s really beginning to tension me out. 

In situation it wasn’t obvious, all of this is really beginning to do me feeling anxious. I mean, there’s a particular pressure that comes through someone telling you every the time just how happy you do them. After ~ all, what happens once you accidentally carry out something the doesn’t make them happy? What if girlfriend just end up being boring? It’s choose the greater you climb, the harder girlfriend fall. I desire to protect against climbing for right now prior to the pressure gets any kind of worse.

I don’t really like gaining attention. 

When it pertains to relationships, I’ve always preferred come be more of a giver 보다 a receiver. Ns love concentrating attention on my boyfriend yet I’ve never ever been too comfortable gift the emphasis of the myself. This was never ever a problem with any type of of mine exes because, hey, castle were every at least some level that selfish and also naturally didn’t focus too much on me. However, this partnership is various from my previous ones, and my boyfriend actually wants to spend his attention on me. Logically I recognize it’s a great thing, but that still doesn’t typical I’m all set for it.

It’d it is in nice to hear a different compliment as soon as in a while. 

I get it, dude. I make girlfriend happy, yet what else perform you like about me? It’d be nice to hear something an ext specific every now and also then, just so I recognize that these compliments aren’t just my boyfriend’s way of saying, “I love you, however I don’t really know what rather to say.”

I to be not placed on this earth to do him happy. 

I’m no so certain that I think in the principle of “The One” or that details people were intended to it is in together. Instead, I believe that you select who girlfriend love. In any kind of case, I know that I have actually other objectives in life other than do my boyfriend happy. Likewise, I understand he has other things to execute in his life other than security his time focused on me.

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I think it’s time we had actually a talk. 

I intend writing about all that this and also venting it out is really just my way of building myself up for a talk I know I require to have actually with my boyfriend. Ns hope ns can assist him realize that he must be trying to realize his potential fairly than do me the reason for his life satisfaction. After ~ all, ns really execute want him to it is in happy.

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