Knowing how huge bearded dragons acquire is vital step to take if she considering gaining one together a pet. Discovering their potential dimension will offer you one idea the what you’re getting into, and what conditions you’ll have to provide.

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But plenty of future owners don’t have any clue how large bearded dragon get, or what determinants influence your size. Understanding what results their size renders it significantly easier come provide far better care.

This overview will cover whatever you have to know about bearded dragon size. By the moment you’re done analysis it, you’ll be prepared to go!

Table the ContentsThe Max dimension Of Each typical SpeciesPossible reasons For slow-moving Growth

How huge Do moustache Dragons gain When fully Grown?

In order to properly care for your bearded dragon, you first need to calculation how large they obtain when completely grown. This is important because it will aid you pick the finest enclosure and determine a feeding plan.

These reptiles grow easily for the first 3 month of life. Afterward, moustache dragons grow roughly an additional 1 come 2 inches every month for the rest of the year. Later, these reptiles deserve to still grow an additional 1 come 2 inches during its entire 2nd year that life.


In stimulate to continue to be healthy, moustache dragons require a basking bulb and also spot to soak increase these an important UVB rays. The size of a mustache dragon have the right to be stunted or slowed down dramatically if they carry out not obtain the right amount the UVB light throughout their normal day come night rhythms.

The lack of UVB light can likewise lead to severe health involves including weak or brittle bones. This is since not enough UVB light outcomes in the mustache dragon coming to be unable to properly absorb the calcium in your diets.

They may come to be lethargic because that no obvious reason and might shed their appetite, additional stunting their expected growth and also size.

Expert Tip: these UVB bulbs have to be replaced around every 6 months. Make certain to save track the this, because there’s regularly no clear authorize that the pear isn’t functioning anymore!

2. An poor Diet

Your mustache dragon will require the best food and also diet containing many of protein-rich insects throughout their an initial three months (also considered the baby phase). During this time, feed your pet 3 times every day to help their growth.

These insects should be preferably bought from a reliable breeder or supply retailer to stop dangerous insecticides and other toxins that might be existing in freshly captured bugs.

Additionally, bearded dragons will require fresh or s frozen veggies to help them reach their maximum size. Slowly decrease the variety of insects in donate of more vegetables as your beardie grows.

3. At an early stage Brumation

While in their herbal environment, bearded dragon regularly get in brumation as winter approaches. This brumation period is comparable to the hibernation step we’re check out in some mammals.

Bearded dragons will slow down, sleep more, and also reduce the amount of food lock eating. This is design to aid them conserve energy and also make it with the difficult winter months.

It’s quite typical for bearded dragon to go v brumation in captivity, and it’s normally not anything come be concerned about. However, if this happens when they’re as well young there deserve to be problems.

These early on years are critical for your bearded dragon come grow and also reach their complete size. If they spend this time resting and avoiding food, that deserve to obviously collection them back when it concerns growth.

Expert TIp: If this happens we recommend the you read our guide (linked above) to far better understand the process. Then contact your vet come come up with a plan.

4. Disease

If her bearded dragon it s okay seriously sick, that might influence how big they end up getting (assuming this happens while they’re tho growing).

There room a variety of different ways this can happen. A decreased appetite could lead to poor food consumption, or a parasite can be stealing critical nutrients the your beardie needs to grow.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you have the right to do to stop this from happening. They’re all fundamentals of good care, yet are constantly worth repeating:

Keep your enclosure cleanDon’t feed them insects caught in the wildMake certain the water in your cage is cleanGive lock the proper light

If you stay on optimal of this the chance of her bearded dragon getting sick reduce significantly. This will aid them prosper to your maximum potential size!

Wrapping Up

As you have the right to see, there space a variety of factors that can influence how big bearded dragons get. Simply like any kind of animal, their growth can it is in hindered if they’re maintained in suboptimal conditions.

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We hope this overview not only teaches you around the size of bearded dragon in general, yet how to provide them with great care.

If friend still have actually questions we’re much more than happy to aid you out. Just reach out to us directly and we’ll respond as shortly as we can!