frequently I get puzzled when to capitalise the word state.

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In the following three different definitions of the word, when must the letter S be capitalized?

1st-tier administrative department of a country. Examples: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Baden-Württemberg.Status of something. Examples:

The state of education and learning in this State is pathetic.



There space no special rules for capitalizing words "state" in ordinary, non-technical It have to be capitalized when at the start of a sentence, or when it is component of a suitable noun.

The state (3) of to work is the the State the Washington (proper noun) is a state (2) in ~ the sovereign state (1) known as The United says of America (proper noun).


Although I extensively agree with the very first answer to this question, I keep in mind that in legal composing (particularly in the field of public international law) words "state" is extensively capitalised when provided in the meaning of a nation state (i.e. A subject of public worldwide law). Ns have often struggled v this usage, together it goes against the generally accepted rules on capitalisation of words in However, provided the level to i beg your pardon this consumption is developed in the abovementioned field, I believed it worth mentioning.


As we always capitalize countries, I think it would be reasonable to capitalize "state" once it refers directly to the school of a specific sovereign country and its government;

for example:

You cannot discuss the Spanish emigration without referring to the complicated and intertwining history of the Church and the State.

Here "the State" directly means "the Kingdom the Spain/the hispanic Monarchy/the Spanish Empire".


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