Planting violet hull peas is akin to planting black-eyed peas due to the fact that these 2 legumes room kissin" cousins. Members that the southerly pea family members (Vigna unguiculata), purple hulls likewise thrive in other parts the the unified States, especially those with lengthy periods the heat. Unlike usual peas, which flourish in cold weather, southern peas resemble bean in your love for heat weather.

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Sow your first purple hull peas in April or may -- whenever wait temperatures space reliably above 70 levels Fahrenheit and soil temperature are above 60 degrees. For a continued harvest, sow peas every 2 weeks. Purple hulls space bush-type legumes that appreciate a support structure such together stakes or tepee trellises.

Spread a 3-inch class of compost over your planting area, and also work the layer right into the height 6 to 8 inch of soil.

Create raised rows by digging trenches about 6 customs deep and also a spade"s width wide. Heap the floor from the trenches onto the soil in front of each trench, creating raised rows between the trenches.

As an choice to the trench method, consider growing purple hull peas in a raised bed, in which they"ll prosper since of the heat soil developed by the beds. If you setup to sow violet hull seed successively, create at the very least twice as many rows as you intended to plant at the an initial sowing.

Set crest 4 inches apart right into the elevated rows or install a trellis or wire netting to support the development of the vines. Farming on a support additionally keeps the violet hull peas off the ground where mud will soil them.

Water the floor so the the ground becomes moist, however not wet. Continue to water the soil about the peas throughout their growing season in order to save the soil evenly moist.

Thin seedlings come 4 customs apart as soon as the seedlings room 3 inches tall. Select the hardiest-looking seedlings to continue growing, and cut the remaining seedlings at the basic of each seedling.

Sow brand-new seeds about two weeks later in raised, staked rows. Continue planting successively every two weeks, if desired. After friend harvest the very first rows that peas, remove the tree so that you might replant the rows with new seeds.

things You Will require



Wooden crest or bamboo poles (about 4-6 feet in height)

Garden twine

Garden scissors


Water purple hull peas through compost tea or another low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer halfway through their growing season. Since peas "fix" nitrogen right into the soil, too lot extra nitrogen reason an imbalance, preventing peas native forming.

Eat young purple hull peas either in the pod or shelled. Or let few of your chop dry on the vine so the they may be supplied as dried peas throughout the year.

Purple hull peas space bushy v twining tendencies but are not actually pole legumes. In practice, this means that they advantage from part support however don"t rise to the heights that pole beans. Tie castle to their support structures with garden twine.

Along v stakes, other possible support structures include chain-link or lattice fencing, bamboo tepees, trellises and also wire cages.

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If you currently have raised beds in your garden, consider devoting one or 2 of them to violet hulls.



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