Peanut butter has a long and also interesting history. Evidence points come the Incas gift the an initial people to grind peanuts, and the very first person that made peanut butter in the United claims was john Harvey Kellogg, who designed a kind of the in 1895 (via National Peanut Board). Jif was born much more than half a century later in 1958 (via Jif).

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Of all of the peanut butter brands on the market, Jif, through its colorful and easily recognizable logo, is among the many widely recognized manufacturers that the creamy, difficult lunch staple. A couple of year ago, that logo design made the internet have something of a meltdown when human being on social media mentioned the truth that that looks quite similar right-side-up together it go upside down. A representative because that J.M. Smucker, the jam manufacturer the purchased the brand in 2002, suggested that this function was unintended (via Insider). Following time you decision to make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, give your Jif jug a flip and decide whether the reversible logo design really could have to be done there is no trying.

Jif arrived on the scene after Skippy and Peter Pan, the two main competitors, which tho exist to now (via Jif History). Jif"s background actually starts with a small-time peanut butter maker being gained by a much bigger corporation. ~ Procter & gambling purchased a peanut butter brand called big Top native a Kentucky company, lock revamped the brand by including sugar and also molasses, had oils other than peanut oil in the recipe, and branded the brand-new concoction Jif (via The brand-new Yorker). 

The addition of these new ingredients brought about some legal battles with the Food and Drug Administration. Due to the fact that Skippy and Peter Pan chose to follow suit and add non-peanut products to your mixtures, when the FDA to be pushing for the definition and the labeling of peanut butter to need the mixture come be comprised of 95 percent peanuts, the peanut butter sector wanted the number to it is in 87 percent. ~ twelve year of back and forth, a damage was reached at 90 percent.

Of course, for all of the initial fighting v the FDA, the primary ingredient in Jif is quiet peanuts and also the brand certainly uses a most them. It"s approximated that 188 exchange rate peanuts are required to manufacture Jif peanut butter. Follow to data derived from the J.M. Smucker Company, one in every 10 peanuts get an impressive in the United says winds increase in a seasoned of Jif (via WKYT)

As with numerous well-known American brands, JIF has engaged in a variety of successful marketing projects that have actually helped cement their standing on grocery keep shelves. A blue Kangaroo called Jifaroo was supplied as the mascot when the brand was introduced in 1958, yet the marsupial disappeared from heralding in the 1960s (via Neato Coolville). Jif"s advertisement campaign "Choosy mothers select Jif" assisted make Jif the best-selling peanut butter in the country, a place that it has actually held consistently because 1981 (via J.M. Smucker).

In 1974, the first variety of Jif was introduced to the industry — Jif Extra Crunchy. That was adhered to by just Jif (a range with low sodium and also less street than constant Jif) in 1991, and also Jif diminished Fat in 1995. Today, Jif likewise offers peanut butter made through honey rather of sugar, peanut butter through no sugar at all, and even peanut butter with Omega 3 fatty acids in the kind of fish oil.

A little bit of a bizarre Jif-related phenomenon hit the internet a couple of years back. A huge number of civilization online seemed to it is in remembering the Jif was once called Jiffy. This was, together it transforms out, 100 percent incorrect, with a J.M. Smucker representative also telling Insider that "Jif was never called Jiffy." The incident was considered an instance of the Mandela Effect, a pop culture phenomenon that requires the misremembering of other by large segments the society. That was named after Nelson Mandela, that many people mistakenly thought passed away in prison in south Africa in the 1980s, despite he yes, really lived till 2013. There space a variety of reasons civilization might it is in misremembering the surname of their favorite peanut butter.

They can be mix the surname Jif and Skippy with each other to come up v a new brand that never existed, or they may be getting their childhood foodstuffs mixed up and are presenting Jiffy Pop right into the mix. They also may it is in remembering a Jif marketing project that said that people could usage peanut butter to whip up lunch "in a jif-fy." every little thing the reason, there were rather a few people who bought into this line of thinking. Redditors composed that they patent remember stop jars that Jiffy in their hands and one also went so much to define what they assumed the jar to be like: taller and skinnier 보다 the Jif jug (via Reddit).

The agency isn"t relaxing on its laurels as the most renowned peanut butter producer in the country, though. In 2012, Jif moved into hazelnut diffusion in chocolate and also mocha cappuccino spices (via Food Processing). They additionally offer cashew butter and almond butter. They"ve also taken actions to ensure that the palm oil supplied in their spreads is sourced sustainably, as deforestation in southeast Asia as a result of palm oil plantations is a growing concern. 

The Jif site claims in 2015, the company began purchasing all of its palm oil indigenous a traceable and sustainable source. This method that they job-related to defend forests and also peatlands – the likes of i beg your pardon are often razed through palm oil farmer (via ProPublica) – and work come foster trusted labor practices too given that kid labor and also human trafficking occurs every too regularly in the sector as well.

It"s clear the America has actually a point for peanut butter, and especially Jif. Follow to WKYT, who detailed a variety of fun facts around this above product in 2018, we consume 270 million pounds of Jif each year. That converts to virtually 113 million world eating Jif in 2019, according to Eat This, no That!, that reports that Jif is the most well-known peanut butter on store shelves.

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As because that what"s inside the jar? there are approximately 1,200 peanuts comprising a 28-ounce container that Jif. If you"re thinking that means J.M. Smucker firm must use a lot the peanuts, you"re not wrong: One in 10 peanuts finish up in this certain brand of PB.