To call if a Dooney & Bourke handbag is real, study the basic quality, determine the place of assembly, find the label and also examine the accessories on the handbag. Identify the authenticity that a handbag just takes a couple of minutes.

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Evaluate the top quality of the handbagLook in ~ the entire bag ~ above the inside and also outside. Yes, really Dooney & Bourke handbags have high-quality stitching with directly lines and also no extra needle holes.

Determine the place of assembly

Locate the label that shows where the bag to be made or assembled. Real Dooney & Bourke bags space made only in the united States, China, Italy and also Mexico. Bags do in the unified States have actually red, white and blue labels, while bags make in China have black or white labels. Bags made in Italy and also Mexico have leather labels.

Locate the label

Find the label on the within of the bag. A label that is glued top top the inside instead of stitched indicates that the bag is not genuine.

Examine the equipment on the bag

Look at every of the extra accessories located on the bag. Buckles on yes, really bags say, \"solid brass,\" when rivets on yes, really bags to speak \"Dooney & Bourke.\" Charms included with genuine Dooney and Bourke bags are attached with leather instead of chains.

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