Home medicine Test at Walgreens

While it might be difficult to recognize where come look, you have the right to now discover home medicine tests in most drug stores. The medicine tests are frequently found about other residence tests or “Health Monitors”. The drugstores market multi panel medicine tests that can test for four, six or twelve various drugs or a solitary test because that Marijuana or Cocaine.

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Our current survey that CVS, Walgreens and Walmart confirmed that a twelve panel medicine test average $39.41 and a Marijuana (THC) just test average $15.53


Drug Test kits CVS

Why room the medicine tests in ~ the stores more expensive than the persons you deserve to buy online?

Here is the reason:


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While each of these residence drug test will provide you a result in 5 minutes, the test actually has laboratory experimentation if you choose to send the pee sample come the lab. Together you have the right to see on package it claims “laboratory testing, if necessary”. If you usage the at residence drug test and also get her answer in five minutes and also choose no to send it to a lab, over there is no refund of the included lab fees.

Before you acquisition a house drug test, you need to decide if girlfriend will need lab testing. Lab trial and error of a to pee sample is frequently used ~ a confident drug screen, but it is no required. If you are using a medicine test for yourself or someone else and also the test is an adverse then you room finished. However, if the test is positive you might want to send the to pee sample come a laboratory so they deserve to confirm if the test is actually positive for the medicine you tested for or if that is a false positive led to from some various other drug or chemical. For example, the medicine Zantac can reason a false hopeful on a Meth medicine test.

While the drugstores averaged $15.53 for a marijuana test, end at smashville247.net we offer a marijuana medicine test for $1.90. The test we offer is manufactured by the same agency that selling the much more expensive test in stores, however it walk not incorporate the lab testing fees. Part people believe the test in the drug store are more expensive since they are an ext reliable and also that is no true. The reality is those tests encompass lab testing that you might not also use.

When searching for a home drug test, look for a test the is FDA cleared and it should plainly state the accuracy level of the test due to the fact that it is required for the FDA approval. If you get a positive result on a urine drug test, you can always take that urine sample to drug testing lab in your own town and also get the laboratory confirmation, but you don’t need to pay for that organization until you require it.

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You have the right to rely top top the top quality of the cheap medicine tests you discover online, if they room FDA cleared. In drug testing, don’t it is in fooled with the “you obtain what girlfriend pay because that attitude” and don’t pay for something you don’t need.