If friend have ever visited Mexico, girlfriend may have tried pico de gallo without even realizing it. The food is very similar to salsa, for this reason many world mistake the dip for a delicious and also fresh salsa. However, Pico de Gallo is a unique dish in itself.

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Pico de Gallo is a mexico dip/sauce with 5 main ingredients: onion, cilantro, red tomatoes, peppers (jalapeno or serrano), and lime. The dish is an extremely versatile, as you have the right to eat it v chips as a dive or offer it on peak of the chicken, tacos, fish, pork, or burritos.

This short article will define what pico de gallo is, cover its history, list the ingredients, and explain just how to make the famous Mexican condiment. Let’s gain cooking.

What Is Pico de Gallo?

Pico de Gallo is a dip/sauce the originates indigenous Mexico. Some also call the food salsa Fresca or salsa cruda. If many world love it v chips, pico de gallo can go top top just about anything.

The standard Mexican cooking recipes only includes five ingredients:

OnionCilantroRed tomatoesJalapenoLime

While many civilization think that Pico de Gallo is salsa, the two are various dishes, together salsa supplies puréed ingredients, developing a more liquidy texture.

Furthermore, you nothing necessarily have to use new ingredients when making salsa.

On the other hand, Pico de Gallo phone call for only fresh ingredients and does no require any type of cooking, and it has a different texture.

Since you nothing purée the ingredients however simply chop them, it has a chunky texture.

Pico de Gallo is provided for plenty of popular mexico dishes like tacos, burritos, and with pork chops, chicken, and also grilled fish.

Pico de Gallo & Tortilla Chips

Pico de Gallo is a famous dip/sauce in Mexico, and also it is an extremely easy come make since it only has 5 main ingredients.

Many civilization use the dip with tortilla chips, however you deserve to eat the with any kind of meal, such together tacos, burritos, pork chops, fish, and also chicken.

While the food resembles salsa, it has actually a an ext chunky and thick consistency. Pico de Gallo also only calls for fresh ingredients.

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