Why Frodo had To leave Middle-earth in ~ The end Of lord Of The ring Unlike the other hobbits, Frodo decided to leave Middle-earth in ~ the end of Return of the King. Here"s why the made the trip to the Undying Lands.

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Lord that the ring Frodo Undying Lands
The injuries withstood by Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) end the course of Lord that the Rings are why he made decision to leave Middle-earth at the finish of the trilogy. At the conclusion the the third and last film in the trilogy, Lord that the Rings: Return that the King, Frodo provides the fateful decision to leave his genealogical home because that the legendary realm well-known as the Undying Lands.

In Return the the King, ~ the ring has actually been destroyed and also Sauron defeated, Frodo return to the Shire and also gets a job as the Deputy Mayor. Later, Frodo is watched on an Elven ship alongside Gandalf (Ian McKellen), Bilbo Baggins (Ian Holm) and also others. The ship pipeline the Grey Havens and sets turn off for the Undying Lands, a distinct place outside of Middle-earth which is just welcome to immortals and also Ring-bearers. This is just how Frodo"s journey finally ends, however why didn"t he stay in the Shire through the various other hobbits?

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Frodo left Middle-earth because of what taken place to him during Lord the the Rings. He proficient two injuries i m sorry never totally faded, meaning he couldn"t stay and be happy in Middle-earth. In Fellowship of the Ring, the hobbits to be ambushed by the Ringwraiths, creatures whose main goal is to offer Sauron and find the Ring. Frodo tried to use the Ring come hide native them, yet was stabbed in the shoulder by the Witch-King.

A year later, Frodo sustained another injury in Return that the King. When Frodo and also Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin) were in the tunnels on their method to Mordor, they had a terrifying confrontation v a large spider called Shelob. Lock tried to escape native the spider, however Shelob struck Frodo and also used her stinger to poison Frodo. Frodo recovered, and also didn"t let his injury prevent him native fulfilling his goal and destroying the Ring in ~ the finish of the movie.

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Frodo experienced much emotional and physical trauma during Lord that the Rings, however perhaps what bothered Frodo the many was the yearly return of these two injuries. ~ above the anniversary of his stabbing at Weathertop, he would feel the pains of his shoulder wound all over again. He had a similar experience top top the anniversary of the incident with Shelob. What this means is the Frodo could never relocate on indigenous what happened, and it would constantly come ago to haunt that every year. The only method for Frodo to uncover peace was for the to leaving Middle-earth and also head to the Undying Lands, in the hopes that this mystical realm might finally cure his injuries forever.