In this season that gift-giving, not only is it important to spend time finding the perfect presents for your loved ones, however it’s additionally important the those presents aren’t discovered and also opened before Christmas. We’ve all done that too. As kids, we searched v the house looking for mom and dad’s hiding spot. If her parents to be smart and also creative, girlfriend never discovered those gifts until magically they were under the tree on Christmas morning. If her parents weren’t smart or creative, you uncovered those packages and also realized friend didn’t get that super-cool Swatch Watch.

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So, currently that you the one giving the gifts, the time to talk about the ideal places to save them so the your family, significant other, or pet, doesn’t find them. The an essential to hiding a Christmas or Hannukah existing is to discover a ar that keeps the presents hidden and also protected yet easily accessible.

The Garage

The garage deserve to be a an excellent spot to hide presents. However there space a number of factors that enter making it a kind location. First, you’ll require the room. Countless garages are already packed come the brim through stuff and adding more stuff to that stuff is no good. Garage cabinets would be good to conceal the gifts, however if your family is smart that’s probably one of the an initial places they’ll check. Instead, think about putting the presents in boxes significant with labels such as “photo albums” or “tax stuff.” No boy or adult because that that issue is walk to find in those boxes.

The Basement or Crawlspace

Another long-used space to hide gift is her basement. The basement deserve to be a an excellent place because, depending on how creepy the is down there, your kids will never undertaking down there. Once I was a kid, the basement to be the scariest location in our house. It to be dark, spider-filled, and had weird noises coming from it. There was no means I was going down there alone, much less with mine brother. If a sphere rolled under the actions it to be gone forever. If you have such a basement, think about yourself happy to have actually a perfect stash spot because that packages. Girlfriend wouldn’t also need to hide them. If your basement is actually finished and also pleasant to be in, it deserve to still job-related as a hiding spot. However again, you’ll need to use a little creativity. If you have actually an entertainment center, presents can go in there. However, kids are crafty and also will most likely look there. Instead, if girlfriend can, put them on peak of the entertainment facility or on height of cabinets. If you have actually a autumn ceiling, presents could go there as well (if castle lightweight.)

If you have a crawlspace, this could also be a place to keep your gifts. However the crawlspace needs to be full encapsulated and thus resistant come temperature swings, humidity, and um, rodents. If it’s no encapsulated, look elsewhere.

The Attic


The attic is actually the perfect storage spot for many families, specifically those v younger children. Why? Well, the youngsters aren’t walking to have the ability to get up over there in the very first place. And also even if they could, would certainly they? The attic is the ingredient of movie legend where all kinds of weird, other-worldly points happen. If your kids have watched sufficient horror movies, they’ll never go increase there. But again, the attic may not be a an excellent spot for the same factor as the crawlspace no – specific temperature, humidity, and the toy-eating squirrel.

The Office


When i say “The Office” I mean the office that’s in one more building where you drive to work, not the residence office. The office makes a great spot because that hiding gift for several reasons. First, your children or far-reaching other probably won’t come about to your office also much. Secondly, the building and suite are probably an extremely secure and temperature controlled. The only question is space. If you work-related in a cubicle, the only an are you’re most likely to have is under her desk. This no amount to a many room, particularly if did you do it bought presents on black color Friday and need to keep them for an additional month before Christmas. However, if you have your own office with a door the locks, this must be perfect.

The RV or Boat

This one come from an individual experience. We have actually a small RV the we save in the driveway. In the wintertime, it simply sits out there under a tarp. The youngsters will not undertaking out there, especially since it’s cold and they would need to undo the tarp to gain in. They won’t do that. Watercrafts are also good spots come hide presents. The downsides come this hiding spot are temperature and critters. Yet if you’re not providing food or sensitive electronics, you’re more than likely alright.

The storage Unit


If you occur to currently rent a warehouse unit, this have the right to be an ideal hiding spot. If your storage unit is boil or climate-controlled, this is even better. Because most storage facilities have long access hours until late in the evening, you can just hustle over there after ~ the youngsters go come bed and also grab the gifts. The just downside would certainly be if her storage unit is throughout town, which would certainly make the slightly much less convenient to acquire to. It’s additionally not a great idea if you’ve had a couple of cocktails top top Christmas Eve.

Under the Tree

Yeah, the on the list. Why? If your kids have learned the truth about Santa Claus (that he is lactose intolerant – what, did friend think i was going to say miscellaneous else?), then hiding presents might not be the important. Yet if you perform decide to put presents under the tree, you’ll have to take extra precautions v wrapping them. For instance, extra tape works. Or special sticker labels that tear if removed deserve to stop a boy from getting too curious. Those Wi-Fi cameras pointed at the tree additionally work nicely together a deterrent!

Places not to Hide the Presents

Now the you understand the best places to hide her gifts, you need to be reminded the the worst places.

The Closet

Are girlfriend kidding me? call me girlfriend weren’t actually considering placing the gift in the closet. Every boy or adult renders a beeline directly to the closets in your residence to search for your booty. Unless you’ve obtained a false door in the back of your closet the leads come Narnia, don’t also think about it.

The Car

Hmm, what location does the entirety family see countless times throughout the week? Yes, that would be the car. Oh, but you’re saying you want to placed the gifts in the trunk? all it takes is one moment of forgetfulness whereby you pop open the stems to placed the groceries in and also surprise! The surprised is over. Not to mention that car-burgling theif seem come be all over these days. No a great idea.

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Grandma’s House

Nothing versus Grandma, however her memory isn’t what it provided to be. Remember the year when you opened your gift and also it to be a talking fish plaque the should have gone come Grandpa? Grandma may be good at pack presents, however she’s not so good at remembering whose presents room whose.


So, over there you have actually it. The quintessential perform of great and not-so-great Christmas gift hiding spots. Psychic to choose one spot and only one spot. You don’t want presents everywhere the place since you’ll end up choose Clark Griswold once he find that present from 1972 in his attic on Christmas Vacation. And also the gift buying part is approximately you. Nothing blame united state if they don’t choose what you bought!