Two down, 6 to go! Mady and Cara Gosselin room the very first of the Jon and Kate plus 8 brood come head off to college. Currently that the sisters room 20 and also on your own, fans have actually so countless questions about their future plans. Keep scrolling to acquire the inside scoop on wherein Mady and Cara are acquiring their degrees.

Where carry out Cara and also Mady go to College?

The twins never ever publicly stated which particular schools they room attending, however in respectable 2021, Cara’s Fordham Rowing Roster offered it away. According to the school’s website, the TLC alum is a sophomore majoring in Interdisciplinary Math and Economics. Though she noted Kate Gosselin together her mom and gave a shout-out to her siblings and also twin — revealing Mady attends Syracuse college — there to be no point out of she estranged father, Jon Gosselin.

Back in July 2019, Kate revealed her girls knew precisely what lock were searching for in a school. “Mady and Cara really steered the ship in state of applying to colleges; castle knew what they wanted, and I trusted them,” the 46-year-old told People at the time. “That exact same feeling is walking to have to carry me with my fears now when i think around them going off on your own, fending because that themselves, gift alone for the first time.”

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Before College, lock Attended Lancaster work School

The brunette beauties graduated from Lancaster Day college at the end of may 2019. In ~ the time, Kate took to Instagram to present her admiration for her girls.

“I’m still beaming with pride! It’s difficult to believe that Cara and also Mady graduated from high college this previous weekend … and also are headed off to university in the fall! wherein did the moment go????” she captioned a photo of the girls dressed in white — a graduation day tradition. “Their graduation day to be such a wonderful day of celebrate THEM and all of their remarkable accomplishments! this girls room going places, and I can not wait to see where they end up!”

They Toured Belmont Abbey university in north Carolina on Kate plus 8

Before stable on their particular universities, an illustration of Kate add to 8 proved the girl going v the college procedure and attending campus tours. Castle were watched walking the campus that Belmont Abbey university in north Carolina however ultimately decided brand-new York to be perfect for them.