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BeanBoozled pairs two jelly beans the look exactly alike yet could no taste much more different. You could get one of our most renowned flavors or among our wildest. Here’s the catch – girlfriend won’t know which ones are which till you shot them! room you brave enough?

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Juicy Pear or Booger


Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Dead Fish


Berry Blue or Toothpaste


Birthday Cake or Dirty Dishwasher

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Jelly belly BeanBoozled jelly beans were designed together a fun game for adventurous candy-eaters in 2008. Trick your taste buds and shot your hardest to tell the difference between the delicious and also gross candy. Each flavor pairing attributes one icky flavor and also one the our standard tasty jelly beans. The record is the they look specifically the same! You have to shot them to uncover out i m sorry one is which. This jelly bean video game is fun for the whole family and also is especially great for kids.

Enliven any kind of of your following parties, gatherings or holidays by purchasing a BeanBoozled jelly bean video game for your friends and family. This wild candy games are available in plenty of different formats, including snack-sized crate for single play and gift crate setups through spinners that include an extra aspect of fun surprise to the endeavor. Provide a collection of this jelly beans to your children for a funny Christmas morning activity or an outbreak a crate at the following child’s date of birth party you attend. Girlfriend may even want to break out the fun at your next grownup party for her friends who space still young in ~ heart.

Any jelly p enthusiast will love using BeanBoozled jelly beans as an chance to try flavors they never ever would have dared technique otherwise. When you might not have ever before wondered what Stink bug or Dead Fish tasted like before, you deserve to sure find out currently with this wacky jelly p flavors. Or probably they’ll rotate out to be delicious flavors prefer Toasted Marshmallow or Blueberry. BeanBoozled likewise turns eat jelly beans right into a funny game and we think the you can’t walk wrong v that approach. Try a game of BeanBoozled today and you’ll be fine on your method to make the efforts every flavor of jelly bean the was ever before invented.

We’ve come up with dozens of different naughty and nice odor pairings for our BeanBoozled line. Look because that the various editions that the video game to try them all. Discover out i m sorry pairings are new and which persons are consisted of in each package by reading the complete list of had flavors prior to placing your order. You certainly don’t want to pass up the chance to taste jelly bean flavored choose Dirty Dishwater or Toothpaste, do you?

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