Turkeys room wonderful creatures and rearing them is fun and a delight. Not only is rearing this birds rather profitable, they room friendly and also make lover pets.

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It is yet important the you have actually all the best information about them before going front to add them to her backyard poultry.

Do turkeys need a coop? Turkeys execute not need coops but I recommend you provide one because that them. Domestic turkeys prefer the heritage each other were trained from the wild turkeys and most that their organic instinct is still embedded in their head.

Turkeys would use their coop while tho young yet when they are prefer 8 weeks above, it would be an every night chore to make them sleep in your coop.

They favor to be out in the open up or sleeping in trees.

They are rather adaptable to different weather problems so sleeping external isn’t a problem for them.

They feeling safer when they understand they room not locked or bound somewhere.

You should yet make certain a coop is available so you deserve to make them sleep in it throughout harsh winter.

It all depends on how negative winter it s okay in her environment.

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Do turkeys do nests?


Yes, turkeys do nests. Both wild and also domestic turkeys make swarms after mating.

After a hen has effectively mated, it goes around looking for an suitable location to do its nest.

They favor to colony at the base of trees, tall grasses, weedy base of the fence and sometimes the open hayfields.

They make their swarms by building shallow depressions and also filling it approximately with dead leaves and also plant materials.

If friend have enough grasses and brushes in her yard, your turkeys i will not ~ go outside of the fence to lay eggs.

They would make their colony within the yard.

Do turkeys require nesting boxes?

To get the ideal out of your laying hens, you need to carry out nesting boxes for them.

To be ethical though, only one out of 3 turkeys might use the nesting boxes.

Turkeys choose to lay eggs in their preferred locations.

It may be quite challenging to do it usage a nesting box uneven it is caged.

You can yet influence the hen’s decision by do the nesting crate attractive, maintaining it open, neat and also on floor at every times.

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Do turkeys live alone or in groups?

Turkeys room social creatures, for this reason they do not live alone.

They live in teams or to put it right, flocks. The woman turkeys usually form a flock through their mrs offspring.

They stay together, moving, foraging and living together.

Other hens through their offspring could additionally join this flock and also become a enlarge flock. A flock can be as much as 50 and also more.

The hens that haven’t hatched any chick could type a i cry too.

The masculine turkeys also kind their very own flock, relocating together.

They execute not relocate with the females.

Their flock might be by age. Jakes, which room young masculine turkeys kind a flock when the older ones form theirs too.

When getting a turkey as pet, it is advisable to get an ext than one, together they favor to be roughly themselves.

What type of shelter perform turkeys need?

Turkeys naturally love to it is in outdoors.

So they favor to sleep and also roost outside, preferably on trees. You should however discourage her poults from sleeping exterior as they are still weak and fragile.

Turkeys shouldn’t begin sleeping outside of a coop until they are around 8-12 main old.

For turkeys older 보다 that, your shelter have to be a roosting area with a roof outside.

The roosting area must be well safeguarded from predators.

Turkeys love come perch therefore the roosting area must be ideal for flying up into at night.

If you have much more than one turkey then you have to make a set of roosts that the same height.

Different heights could make lock fight because that the optimal positions.

Roosts must be make of wood and staked to the floor to save the roosting place from moving.

It need to be roofed so as to protect your turkeys indigenous winter and also hot weather, and also properly ventilated.

A light weight fiber glass or steel panel deserve to be supplied for the roof.

The roosts have to not it is in too far from the ground due to the fact that the more they grow, the more an overwhelming it will be for them to fly so high.

Flying under from a high ar could additionally cause damage to their legs.

They could construct bumblefoot.

You have the right to put lumber shavings on the floor to absorb the moisture from their droppings and to make their trip down easy for your legs.

For shelter, your turkeys likewise need a good fence.

It helps keep them in and also keep predators out.

The fence need to be at the very least 4 feet high and also flushed come the floor to store predators from making feet under to pass.

You may need to clip their wings to save them from flying the end of safety.

Do turkeys sleep in a coop?

Given the chance, her turkeys would certainly not sleep in a coop.

They favor to sleep outside. ~ above the roof, tree etc.

Your poults will sleep in a coop but as they thrive older, their natural instincts will kick in and also they will favor the outdoors.

You would need to chase them and put them in the coop yourselves at night.

You should yet keep the coop clean and also open at all times. The may influence their decision.

For their security however, you have to make a roosting location with roof accessible for lock outside.

Can girlfriend raise chickens and also turkeys together?

Yes, you can raise chickens and also turkeys together.

Caring for them isn’t all that different. The chickens deserve to eat turkey feed without it resulting in them harm.

They can likewise forage in addition to no problems.

You should yet separate poults indigenous chicks.

Chicks are much more active and strong. They could injure the poults or death them.

Separate them into various brooders. However once they room old enough, they deserve to be elevated together.

The poults and chicks likewise have various nutrional requirements. The poults need more protein.

This is an additional reason poults and also chicks can not be increased together.

Should turkeys it is in locked up in a coop at night?

If girlfriend live in an atmosphere where predators space many, her turkeys have to be locked up in your coop at night.

It no cruelty, the is for your safety.

It isn’t way to spend a most money feeding and caring for them, just for them to be consumed by predators.

Just make sure you open up the coop in the morning early on enough, therefore they can come out, free range and enjoy fresh air.


Turkeys love to be outside so they do not need coops the much, other than your atmosphere is complete of predators and also your fence can’t store them away.

Make a roosting ar for her turkeys outside and they will say thanks to you because that it.

Turkeys make nests and they search for perfect spots before making them.

You can also administer nesting boxes and also encourage the hens to use them.

You need to lock your turkeys in their coop in ~ night if predators can obtain into your yard.

Turkeys are lovely creatures and I hope you have actually fun caring because that them.

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