Witches are relatively uncommon hostile mobs in Minecraft. They resemble villagers in appearance other than that they have actually a purple robe, pointy black hat, and a wart on their nose. Witches have the right to spawn in every land biomes, but are generally sighted close to their huts in the swamps. Their habits is mostly minimal to using potions, either to safeguard themselves or to damages their enemies in combat. Upon being killed, witches usually drop various potion ingredients, or the potion itself.

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During people generation, there will certainly be witch huts where one witch will never ever despawn.

HealthBehaviorAttack DamageDrops
13 complete heartsHostileSplash potion of Harming: 3 full hearts; Splash medicine of Poison: Poison because that 45 seconds (half a heart every 1.25 seconds) for a complete of 18 full hearts0-2 Glass bottles; 0-2 Glowstone Dust; 0-2 Gunpowder; 0-2 Redstone; 0-2 Spider Eyes; 0-2 Sugar; 0-2 Sticks; 8.5% If stop a potion: potion of Healing, potion of Fire Resistance, medicine of Swiftness, potion of Waterbreathing


Witches generate in floor biomes in irradiate levels 7 or lower. They might be checked out accompanying their witch hut which deserve to spawn in swamps. Lock may also appear in town raids. Store an eye out for their purple robe and sinister laugh together they have the right to be a formidable adversary if they surprised you.


Witches fall a most items. They can drop six various items in ~ 12.5% each and stick in ~ 25%. Castle drop items the are usual in potion brewing. The items space sticks, glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, Redstone, spider eyes, and sugar. Witches will certainly drop 1-3 of this items in amounts of 0-2. They also have a chance to drop a beneficial potion if you check out them stop one.

They have an 8.5% opportunity to fall the medicine they to be drinking. Witches have the right to drop medicine of Healing, medicine of Fire Resistance, medicine of Swiftness, and also Potion that Waterbreathing.


Despite their comparable appearance come villagers castle cannot usage doors and also even v their witchy profession, they can not be viewed operating a cauldron. They will certainly not strike villagers or hike traders.

Witches will strike with Splash Potions of Harming and Splash Potions that Poison. Castle will likewise drink useful potions to defend themselves indigenous the player. They will aggro from sixteen blocks away and shot to keep a street of ten blocks. Throughout combat, the witch will throw potions every three seconds. They may use Splash Potions of weak or Splash Potions of Slowness if you are not affected by among these effects.

If the witch is not already drinking a potion, it will attempt to drink a potion depending upon what has actually happened to it. If the witch is on fire it will drink a potion of Fire Resistance, if it is submerged in water it will certainly drink medicine of Waterbreathing, if that is more than eleven blocks from its target they will drink potion of Swiftness, and finally, if the witch is not at full health they will certainly drink a medicine of Healing.

Witch Farming

Witch farming works lot like traditional mob farming however works best about witch huts where only witches deserve to spawn. Construct a spawning platform approximately the bottom of the witch hut by marking the corners of the witch hut through blocks approximately the corners of the log blocks at the bottom. This will mark your spawn platform.


I am utilizing cobblestone to mark the block listed below the lowest point of the witch hut, it is daunting to see through the swamp water. Build two blocks above this suggest and place another set of blocks about the corners of the hut. This will note your 2nd spawn platform. Do the exact same thing for the 3rd spawn platform, you can not have much more than three due to the spawning limitations of the witch hut. ~ you have the corners that your generate platforms constructed you can malfunction the witch’s hut and connect every of the corners v a structure block.


Witches will certainly spawn in between the layers and you can flush them out v water right into a fall damage trap or use stack twenty-four minecarts in a 1x1 feet that have the right to suffocate the witches. For the ideal efficiency, you will should prevent other mobs native spawning around this area. Flatten it with slabs or ar torches anywhere to certain the just mob that have the right to spawn below are witches.

Enclose your generate platforms and also place water to push them out of the generate platforms right into your preferred grinder.

Use trapdoors to organize water and use tripwire hooks and Redstone to attach the hooks come the trapdoors. This will permit the witches to spawn and also activate the water to flush them out right into your grinder. Carry out this for every generate platform and also have the water lead down right into a hole through your grinder below.

Did girlfriend know?

If a villager is win by lightning they will certainly turn right into a witch.

Witches have the right to aggro onto every other because of their splash potions, yet it is very daunting for one witch come kill one more witch because of their consistent healing effects.


Q. Just how do you kill a witch in Minecraft?

Just like any type of other lot in Minecraft, they have a health and wellness bar the you can deplete with a sword or even just her fists. Approach them carefully and commit to doing damage so the they perform not heal all the damage you have dealt.

Q. Can you trade through a witch in Minecraft?

No, you cannot trade v a witch. They are not villagers and also they room hostile mobs that will strike you. Keep your street from these mobs.

Q. Have the right to you revolve witches into villagers?

A villager have the right to turn into a witch, but a witch cannot turn into a villager. Shot your best to ensure that your town has ample lightning storm coverage and if you want to avoid witches stay inside throughout a thunderstorm.

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Q. Just how do you gain a witch hut?

A witch hut generates naturally during human being generation. You can use third-party software and seed finders to locate witch huts in your civilization faster. Witch huts just exist in swamps and also you can discover a cauldron inside the witch hut i beg your pardon is complete of a randomly produced potion.

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