Celebrated Name:Alex Wassabi
Real Name/Full Name:Alex Burriss
Age:31 years old
Birth Date:28 in march 1990
Birth Place:Great Falls, Montana, U.S.

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Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and also Daughter):No
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Is Alex Wassabi Gay?:No
Salary:$31, 186 monthly
Net worth in 2021:$10 million
Last Updated:September 2021

Alex Wassabi is the expert name of Alex Burris, a YouTuber indigenous America. The is famed as the other fifty percent of the duo, i m sorry is in charge of the manufacturing of Wassabi Productions. The other member that the production was Rio Fabito. The two started the YouTube channel in January 2006, and also it right now has over 11.5 million subscribers. Rio left Wassabi Productions in 2016, and also the channel right now goes by the name of Wassabi.

Maybe friend know around Alex Wassabi really well, however do friend know just how old and tall is he and what is his net worth in 2021? If you perform not know, we have prepared this article about details that Alex Wassabi’s brief biography-wiki, career, skilled life, an individual life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and an ext facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

The YouTuber to be born Alex Burris ~ above 28 march 1990, in Montana, the joined States. That is that Filipino ethnicity, and there is no information concerning his parents or his early on childhood. He was born in a family of four siblings, and also he has one sister called Mariah and two brothers Andrew and also Aaron. His brothers are likewise famous web video celebrities.

On the educational background the Alex, over there is not much details available, but he attend a high college in Durham, north Carolina. There is no more information if he saw college ~ graduating from high school or not.

Personal Life

Currently, Alex is no married; neither is that in a confirmed relationship. He remained in a connection with fellow YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki for 3 years. The two had met in new York ago in 2015, and they damaged up in September 2018. In 2019 Alex uncovered love again in the eight of yet an additional YouTuber through the name of Patricia Caeli Santa Olalla Lopez. Lopez, who is Mexican, has actually a complying with of much more than 16.2 million subscribers on her channel. The two damaged up after a quick time.

When Alex was a tiny child, he to be diagnosed through a disorder that renders it hard to think prior to keeping still, acting, and also focussing. The problem is typically known as ADHD. In 2017 he bought his entire family a residence as a way of reflecting his appreciation and also gratitude.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born top top 28 march 1990, Alex Wassabi is 31 years old together of today’s day 18th September 2021. His height is 1.75m tall, and also his weight is 60 kg.


Alex joined hands v his long-time friend Rio Fabito, and they began making videos utilizing Rio’s camera and later showing to their household members once they to be still young. In January 2006, the developed a YouTube channel the they referred to as Wasabi Productions. They started by making hilarious parodies that music videos and also posting them on their channel, and within no time, it began gaining much more views.

In 2013 Alex walk to work at Vine, and he posted his very very first video in might the very same year. Points did not job-related as the expected, and he later left Vine to focus on his YouTube channel fully. In November 2010, the started an additional channel the was self-titled. The channel also gained a large number the subscribers, and also it at this time has much more than 360 million views and over 2.65 million subscribers.

After being the other member that Wassabi Productions, Rio Fabio left the channel in 2006. This to be after ten lengthy years, and also he said that he was unhappy as a duo of Wassabi. His leave did not have a huge of an result on the channel together Alex preserved to save it top top the run. The later changed the name of the channel come Wassabi.

Currently, the channel has an ext than 4.5 billion see and an ext than 11.5 subscribers. The many viewed video clip on the channel to be uploaded in April 2012, and it was title “Carly Rae Jepsen speak to ME MAYBE-Rolanda & Richard.” The video garnered a total of much more than 135 million views.

Alex has additionally tested his acting skills with appearances on films Laid in America, and Aeroplane Mode. He also appeared in the season two of the television series Middle institution Moguls, and Light as a Feather on Nickelodeon.

Awards & Achievements

The greatest success that Alex has had over the expectancy of his career together a YouTuber is the variety of subscribers his channel has. His channel has more than 11.5 million subscribers and an ext than 4.5 exchange rate views. His other channel, i beg your pardon is self-titled, additionally has an ext than 2.65 million subscribers and 360 million views. In addition, he has actually millions of followers on his Instagram page.

Net worth & salary of Alex Wassabi in 2021

Alex Wassabi network Worth

As the September 2021, The complete net worth of Alex Wassabi is estimated to be $10 million. His career together a YouTuber is the just thing to credit for his wealth. He renders a the majority of money indigenous sponsors and advertisements ~ above his YouTube channel, and he likewise sells part merchandise on his channels. In 2017 he bought a residence for his family, which was stated to be an extremely costly.

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Alex Wassabi started off his career together a YouTube personality when he to be still in school in addition to his childhood friend. Together a young adult, that perfected his an abilities and lastly became among the most commemorated YouTubers of every time. His channel has actually experienced steady growth also after his partner in Wassabi Productions left. He appears to identify to store his channel among the ideal ones ~ above YouTube with his videos.