Alex Wassabi network Worth – $13.5 million

Alex Wassabi is a renowned YouTuber and also Singer with an ext than 11 million subscribers top top his YouTube channel, “Wassabi.” His genuine name is Alex Burriss, as of 2021, Alex Wassabi’s has an estimated net worth roughly $13.5 million. Through over 3 million pendant on Instagram, Alex it s okay paid for assorted brand endorsements and also product placements. The runs one of the many popular channels on YouTube, with over 10 million subscribers. He makes money by uploading and selling his music on various platforms prefer Spotify and also iTunes.

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If you are here, you’ve most likely heard that civilization who have actually made it huge on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Can do a great revenue, also in regards to millions. And that’s absolutely really! YouTube stars and also social media characters earn in terms of millions. However if friend still can’t think it, after reading Alex Wassabi’s income, all her doubts will certainly be cleared regarding this.

If girlfriend love hilarious parodies, climate you may currently be a fan of Alex Wassabi. He has actually made a ar for self in the social media world and has a reputation in the music industry as well. Hence, because that a human who has actually made it big in such enormous industries, you have the right to only imagine the lot of money the is making. That is absolutely not much less than a couple of million!

Alex Wassabi has actually a vast fan base together a YouTuber, society media personality, and a singer. He has earned millions of money through his lot of careers. In a solitary day, Alex is making hundreds of dollars as his see keep enhancing on YouTube. There is no doubt the he is among the most completed YouTubers.

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Alex Wassabi Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend

Net Worth$13.5 million
Real NameAlex Burriss
Age30 years old
Birthday28 March, 1990
Height5.9 feet / 179 cm
GirlfriendLexy Panterra
BrothersAndrew and Aaron
Live InLos AngelesCalifornia
ParentsFather: Adam BurrisMother: Maribel Burriss

As already mentioned, Alex has actually millions of pendant on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. So through paid promotions and also collaborations, Alex easily earns thousands of dollars. Few of the brands that he’s functioned with room Google, Nickelodeon, Old Spice, and many more. Based upon his followers, Alex’s earning can be anywhere from 20-25k per collaborations.

Besides gift a YouTuber, Alex Wassabi is additionally a singer, and also he has actually released numerous songs on renowned platforms prefer iTunes and Spotify. From this platforms, Alex likewise earns money from downloads and streams. That is unclear just how much Alex renders from his streams, yet it is estimated to be around tens of thousands of dollars.

Alex Wassabi additionally earns indigenous his goods line, which contains hoodies, t-shirts, and other custom merchandise. His fans can purchase his merchandise indigenous

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What is Alex Wassabi genuine name?

His genuine name is Alex Burriss, Born top top 28 in march 1990, Montana, united State.