Fictional setting for the 1960s TV Sitcom "I Dream the Jeannie," this day remembered v a street sign and also an yearly celebration: Jeanie Day.

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I Dream the Jeannie Lane, Cocoa Beach, FLDirections:North of town along Hwy 1A on the ocean side.Hours:Festival usually in so late June. Local wellness policies may impact hours and also access.

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"I Dream that Jeannie" TV Town


I Dream that Jeannie Lane

We stopped by ns Dream that Jeannie Lane as we drove up Florida"s coast. It is one of two highways that rotate off the A1A highway right into the seaside Lori Wilson Park. Over there is only the one street authorize with the street"s name on it and also no other indication of the Jeannie or the Major.

In 1965, a zany sitcom around an astronaut and his unbottled genie very first aired ~ above American TV. Fourty years later, the city of Cocoa Beach, FL, simply south that the Cape Canaveral space Center, is celebrate their function as the show"s place with "We Dream that Jeannie," a special occasion on Friday, Sept....

Sands Space history Center, Cape Canaveral, FL - 6 mi.
Spray pistol on a Pole, Cocoa, FL - 8 mi.
Earth Boulder with Night Side, Merritt Island, FL - 8 mi.

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