CHARLOTTESVILLE,Va. ( — The commonwealth has topped national headlines and flooded social media platforms this main amid a cascade that revelations and also allegations entailing the state’s height politicians.

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But on Wednesday, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson — a former expert wrestler, actor and also television hold — stated Virginia for a more positive reason.

Johnson reiteratedthat he own a farm outside of Charlottesville by responding come a tweet showing him through his horses: “Yup, the an excellent state of Virginia has actually quietly come to be my house for year now.”

“And my horses below love as soon as I step in the ‘gifts’ they leave me daily. *Correction … virtually step in your gifts,” Johnson added.

This isn’t the first time ‘The Rock’ pointed out his Virginia home on society media. He take it a video v fans outsidea Charlottesville gym in 2017.

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StormTracker8: sunny skies and also cooler conditions

by john Bernier / Sep 29, 2021

RICHMOND, Va. ( -- Cooler and pleasant problems return to central Virginia today.

We will check out a few clouds to begin off the day, but skies will be largely sunny through the afternoon. Highs will only be in the mid 70s.

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Virginia governor’s race: McAuliffe and also Youngkin go on the attack in final debate, Blanding speaks up from crowd

by Dean Mirshahi / Sep 29, 2021
RICHMOND, Va. ( -- In their final conflict Tuesday, Democrat terry McAuliffe and also Republican glenn Youngkin sparred end vaccine mandates, abortion rights, taxes policy, choice integrity, Virginia"s right-to-work law and also other crucial issues. When they were the only two candidates ~ above the stage, third-party candidate Princess Blanding make herself recognized from the crowd.

Tuesday"s conflict was contentious from the start, through both major-party candidates because that Virginia governor pitching us to voter while attacking every other"s records. In the seats watching the dispute Blanding, a member the the Liberation Party, speak up till a commercial rest was called by the moderator around 10 minute in.

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VSU requiring proof of COVID-19 inoculation to to visit all athletic games

by Amelia Heymann / Sep 28, 2021
RICHMOND, Va. ( -- Virginia State college announced the anyone attending one of its sports events will need to show proof of complete COVID-19 inoculation to enter.

VSU claimed this brand-new policy will take place efficient immediately and also apply for attendees 18 year old and up. The university will accept inoculation cards or as whole records in addition to a picture ID.

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