Much to the joy of his numerous Twitter followers, Peter Reckell recently sculpted out a tiny time to not just update lock on his life but reminisce about his years together Days of our Lives‘ Bo. By the time he’d typed his fingers to the bone (with an help from mam Kelly Moneymaker), the gibbs — now living in new Zealand — had actually shared more than a few backstage secrets and even left fans v a sliver of hope the Bo and his an elaborate Face might one day reunite.

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Remembering the well known scenes in which Bo prevented expect from marrying evil Larry Welch by accurate riding to she rescue — come the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding out for a Hero,” no much less — Reckell called followers things didn’t go exactly as planned the day those sequences were taped.

In fact, the wound increase in require of assist himself!

“I speak the motorcycle to the location,” the recalled, “and policemans stopped me top top the freeway. For this reason producers had actually to come earlier to conserve me since I was only wearing my wardrobe and didn’t have actually my license.”

But like numerous fans, his favourite Days of our Lives memories show off the scenes which to be shot on location in new Orleans. It to be there, you’ll recall, the Bo and Hope ultimately were able to make love because that the an initial time.

When an additional follower asked specifically around Jason cook (ex-Shawn), Reckell stated that he “always love working with him, however the scenes wherein was providing kid advice around girls were fun.

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“Mostly,” that added, “because i am clueless myself.”

Then there were the scene which never actually do it come air. “When Bo obtained upset, occasionally curse words would slip out,” his portrayer admitted once asked around his favorite bloopers. “So the course, we couldn’t usage those takes.”

As for maybe the most difficult scenes, those, he tweeted, to be the persons in i m sorry Bo passed away in Hope’s arms. “It was very emotional,” he reflected, “saying goodbye together Bo and also as myself come the cast and crew who’ve been my family members for so many years.”


He did, however, receive something of a parting gift from executive, management producer Ken Corday. The “promised me that even though it was a well-known thing to bring ago or recast characters, the wouldn’t execute that to Bo.”

As to whether or no he might ever think about returning come the display with former on-screen wife Kristian Alfonso (ex-Hope), he comment in a way which left the door open up at least a crack: “Never speak never.”

Were Bo come return — with or without hope — he’d absolutely have something come say about some that the decision Ciara make in his absence. Asked how Bo would react come his daughter marrying a (former) serial killer who she constantly contrasted to she beloved daddy, Reckell to express faux outrage. “What?!!!!” that tweeted in character. “I need to speak to the girl!”

What to speak you, Days of Our resides fans? would certainly you favor to see Reckell bring Bo back from the dead, or at the very least swing by to salary a ghostly visit to those the left behind? Share your thoughts in the comments, then visit the gallery below as we look at 10 other characters we’d love to see go back to the show.