Former Kool and The gang singer James JT Taylor is nearing perfect on his first solo album because that 15 years, standard Pop have the right to reveal.

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Taylor is working v a series of producer on the new songs, having actually released his last album A Brand brand-new Me in 2000.The singer behind hits such together Celebration and Ladies’ Night also hopes to tourism the UK soon, however admitted he find it hard to acquire promoters to book him in Britain.

Taylor told us: “I haven’t toured in Europe due to the fact that I left Kool and The Gang. The trouble is, promoters say: ‘But we’ve just had Kool and The corridor play here.’ Well, yeah, yet Kool and The gang ain’t me. I have actually a entirely different show. World know me, and they absolutely know my voice, yet I’m not as big a name as Kool and also The Gang. However I’d pat in the UK prefer a shooting if the possibility arose.”

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Speaking of his new material, Taylor added: “I’m placing songs together now, and I’ll begin releasing lock periodically every couple of months. That feels favor there’s a renaissance of my sound. Lyrically, the brand-new album is about the heartbeat that the world. It’s politics – those in the news and what’s up v everything. I grew up listening come Gil Scott Heron and also Marvin Gaye: human being who spoke around issues, as well as love and fun. The sound is a combination of what ns do and also working through some DJs.”


Taylor left Kool and also The corridor in 1988, prior to rejoining briefly for 1996’s album State the Affairs. He said: “I great the band the best, but part of the split was very distasteful. That like suggesting with her siblings, once you suddenly revolve your head and also go ‘Why would you say that?’ They case I was never really component of the group, and also I don’t know why they’d say that.

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But I’ve tried to move on. They do their thing and also I perform mine.”

In the brand-new issue of standard Pop, on shelves now, Taylor talks around his involvement on the original Band aid single, alongside exclusive interviews with Bob Geldof, Midge Ure, Spandau Ballet, Bananarama, condition Quo, sky 17, Paul Young, The Boomtown Rats and also Jody Watley.