After cross the bridge in Saria Town, connect cango right into the cavern that leader to fatality Mountain.

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On the various other side that the cave, girlfriend will find yourself in a network of caves.First ns will explain how to obtain to the destination, and also then after thisparagraph i will describe how to defeat the adversaries in the caves.To obtain to the correct destination,whenever you have multiple choices of the cave to walk into, always chose the oneon the right. Eventually, you will departure from a cave and also be in a desert.When you gain to that desert, you have to go come the west and also then up and also intothe feet in the ground next to the boulder.

But before you can get to the point, girlfriend will have actually to get through the manycave action screens. Remember: as soon as you room in the overworld and have multiplechoices for which cave to go into, enter the one ~ above the right.

From the death Mountain entrance, go right and into the cave. This first cavehas some Bots in it, and some spear Moblins. Because that the Moblins, just watch to watch if the is going to stab high or low, and also crouch or stand as neededto block the attacks. Then simply stab the Moblin when you can until it dies.

In the next room, there room Octoroks on every step. Wait for them come spit theirrocks, then kill one and also move onto the next. Past these Octoroks, you willfind a Blue Goriya. Closely avoid that is boomerangs when attacking once you can. Simply watch for where the Goriya is stop the boomerang so that you recognize whether come crouch or was standing in bespeak to direction it. And also be sure to save a littlebit that distance between you and also it, due to the fact that if you room too close, climate if hethrows a really low or yes, really high boomerang, it could hit you. Past theBlue Goriya are some much more Octoroks. They are slightly more an overwhelming to getrid of because of their positioning, however just wait for them to spit their rocks, then carefully drop under to was standing in front of the nearest one, and also kill it prior to it deserve to spit another rock. Currently you can leave this cave.

In the overworld, head come the cavern on the right. In this next cave area, there space Bots and also Aches that room pretty simple to deal with. Go previous the elevator, because it takes girlfriend the not correct way. Soon you will encounter a Daira. It keeps swinging the axe at you over and also over. My strategyfor taking care of these things is to get on the exact same level as it, climate crouchand stab as it approaches. That should get knocked back, permitting you come stabagain while still crouching. You should have the ability to kill the Daira this waywithout acquiring hurt uneven your timing is off. Don"t shot to strike the Dairaif you room not standing on the very same level as it. Just go ago to the previousroom and come ago in order to respawn the Daira. Or you can just effort tojump over it, return this is risky.

Once friend are past the Daira and also outside, enter the cave on the right, making certain not come linger in the woodland where random enemies can get to you.Inside, over there is a leg over lava whereby you will have to address someBago-Bagos. Fortunately, there room no gaps in this bridge. To avoid obtaining hit here, if you view a Bago-Bago paris up from in former of you, crouch downfor a moment. This will safeguard you if the Bago-Bago spits a absent on itsway up. If a Bago-Bago jumps increase from behind you, shot to either jump end anyrocks the spits or simply turn quickly and crouch come block it. If necessary, turnaround and kill the Bago-Bago to keep it indigenous running right into you.

Once friend are previous this area, exit and go into the cave on the right. Actors yourJump spell here. Address the Bots in the way, and also then jump up onto thefirst of the high ledges floating in the middle of the room. Over there is a RedDaira down listed below that throw axes. The is pretty complicated to kill. You haveto clock to watch if the is around to litter an axe, then jump to prevent the axe,and climate somehow manage to fight the Daira once it"s not throwing axes at you.If you space on the floating ledges, however, friend can shot to totally avoid the Daira, and also you will certainly be rewarded with a red jar. When you room on the thirdfloating platform, shot jumping in ~ the very last minute in order to run overto the 4th platform. If girlfriend don"t do it, then you"ll have to make a run for it come the appropriate side the the room when jumping axes and avoiding Bots.

You will be in the overworld with only one cavern to walk into, so walk in.In this cave, you"ll have to fight some Aches, a blue Goriya, and also an orangeDaira. When you"re past them, go outside and also into the following cave.

This room has some Bits, which room red versions of Bots the can"t jump,and there room orange Dairas in here, for this reason don"t hesitate to drop down to the samefloor level, due to the fact that otherwise lock will gain stuck top top the step listed below you andyou will need to have really good timing to try to stab them in the facewithout obtaining hit v the axe. Once you obtain past these guys, leave andgo to the next cave outside.

In this next cavern there room some Bots (the blue people that have the right to jump) and also there are much more orange Dairas. The stairs walk up in here, therefore the Dairas can"t getstuck on a step and constantly swing the axe choose before. Loss these Dairasand walk outside.

You"re practically done! You are in the desert, so go west and also up through thenarrow passage. There is a feet in the floor here. Jump in.

This area is very tough. This an initial room has red Aches, Lowders, and redDairas. If you have enough magic, friend can actors the run spell and shot to stop these monsters entirely.

In the following room, part Megmats will certainly bounce toward you. After you get pastthem, there is one orange Daira.

Go down the elevator as soon as you acquire to it. Don"t bother going past the elevator,because that way is a dead end. After going down the elevator, walk to theright (it"s a dead finish to the left.) death the red Daira or just use run toavoid it.

This room has actually a bunch of dangerous lava pits. There is even a Myu top top one ofthe ledges. Attach can"t kill Myus at this allude because they are too closeto the ground because that Link"s sword to reach. Since of this, you must wait forthe Myu to wander turn off of the sheet of the platform before you shot to jumpthere.

After you obtain past the lava area, you will encounter an orange Daira anda red Daira. Past the red Daira is the endowment of death Mountain: thehammer! through this item, you can press A top top the overworld to damage boulders.This will let you get to the Moruge Swamp/Saria city area without havingto go through those annoying caves anymore! just go south from Rauru Town and also destroy the boulder, monitor the dust path, and you"re there.

If you gain the hammer yet then friend die quickly after, it"s not so bad, because youwill always have the hammer in the saved game thereafter. Girlfriend will need to come earlier to fatality Mountain if you want the Magic Container that is hiddenthere, but when you have actually the hammer, friend won"t need to go earlier through the cavemaze to acquire it. Instead, you have the right to break the boulder close to Rauru Town, head southalong the path, and continue along the course until friend reach another boulderin the path, this time top top the right. (I don"t typical the boulder the blocksa cave entrance close to Rauru town. The boulder that i am talking around is farthersouth.) break it, then head south conveniently through the desert, follow the course that goes roughly the northwest component of thegraveyard, cross the bridge, fighting Lowders and also Moblins to get across,then get in the cave, go south until you reach a smallcave v some lava pits, and also then when you are ago outside, head west throughthe desert and also return to the place where you acquired the hammer.

To acquire the Magic Container, just break the boulder next to the cave openingwhere you got the hammer. Go onto the spot wherein the boulder was, and youwill loss into a pit. Over there is a Magic Container here. It will certainly permanentlyadd a segment to her magic meter.

There isnothing to execute in the desert here, although friend might notice that that is modeledon Hyrule from the original Legend the Zelda.

Now the you have the Magic Container from death Mountain, girlfriend can exit thisarea. Go south to the desert, then every the way east come the water. Indigenous there,go north till you reach a cave. There room some lava pits and also Red Octoroks toget past.

After acquiring through that cave, walk north to gain to one more cave. This cavern has no activity screens. You finish up in a little desert v a bridge. Walk onto thebridge. There are red and blue Moblins and also a Lowder come fight in the firstscreen, and then part poisonous bubbles and also a red Daira ~ above the second screen.

After getting throughout the bridge, you can go southern along the coast to find anaction display screen with a 1-Up link Doll in it. However, the doll will certainly disappearforever if you take it, so girlfriend should more than likely save that until later in the game.

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To the east, girlfriend will see a cemetery.Don"t walk in the graveyard area unless you desire to hit some tough random monsters. Remain onthe path west and northwest of the graveyard to obtain past safely.

Head north across the desert indigenous the graveyard, climate head east along the pathto obtain to Mido Town.