You discovered your keys aren’t working and also now you room wondering the ways you have the right to unlock the key-board on her dell laptop. A key-board is tied to have a difficulty one method or another because the is a computer machine on that is own.

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Before I expose the techniques to you, I desire to present you why or what led to you to have a locked keyboard on her dell laptop.Tip – Learn how to resolve typical windows trouble with this trick. Laptop only Works when Plugged In

Why your Dell Laptop key-board is Locked

There are several reasons why her dell laptop keyboard is locked yet you will find the most usual reasons below.These room the reasons:Fn Lock.Num Lock.Outdated key-board driver.Dead wireless keyboard battery.Damaged keyboard.

1. Fn Lock

Your Dell laptop’s Fn key is known as the function key on your keyboard that offers you the option to change settings or toggle attributes by tapping a mix of keys. It’s feasible to coincidentally lock the “Fn” vital when you drop her dell laptop or her pet sits on your keyboard.
The Fn vital is situated usually next to the windows logo switch on your keyboard.Laptop Power button Not working On Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer

2. Num Lock

Num Lock can additionally be described as a Numeric Lock i m sorry is a vital on the numeric keypad on her dell keyboard.It is a lock an essential similar to Caps Lock and Scroll Lock which gives you the choice to readjust the function of the numeric keypad commonly located to the right-hand next of your dell key keyboard, and is typically displayed by an LED built into the keyboard.
The Num Lock can aid you unlock your dell keyboard using the troubleshooting an approach below.Dropped Laptop Won’t boots – Symptoms, and Solutions

3. Outdated keyboard Driver

Every device connected to your dell laptop must have a driver mounted on her laptop. The factor for this is to help your computer understand and recognize the device that is connected to it.Sometimes as soon as a driver is not set up properly or outdated, this case confuses your computer to reaction in not recognizing the an equipment at all.It is crucial to examine if her dell key-board driver is properly set up or needs an update as soon as your dell key-board is malfunctioning.Updating your keyboard chauffeurs can help you unlock your key-board using the troubleshooting technique below.
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4. Dead Wireless Keyboard Battery

This option is for you just if you space using a wireless keyboard. Battery are crucial to power your dell wireless keyboard. Sometimes it’s challenging to recognize when her battery is dead and needs to it is in recharged or replaced.When your dell wireless key-board stops working every one of a sudden, the very first thing girlfriend should inspect is your batteries.Dell Beep codes –

5. Damaged Keyboard

Sometimes it is easier to just confront the truth. If you have tried every an approach to unlock your dell keyboard and also it’s still no working, probably you need to accept the fact that friend have negative keyboard.Dropping your laptop and spilling water on your dell key-board can damages your keyboard.Before finish if you have actually dead keyboard, I suggest you shot all the troubleshooting method i to be going to display you below.Tip – If her dell laptop keyboard isn’t working, here’s how to settle it.


How come Unlock keyboard On Dell Laptop

There are various methods come unlock her Dell keyboard and also i have noted the most essential guides listed below to help you quickly.
How to unlock key-board on Dell laptop:Unlock Dell Fn key.Unlock Num Lock.Update key-board Diver.Drain Dell Laptop static Electricity.Replace Dell Keyboard.

1. Unlock Dell Fn Key

This an approach is to assist you Unlock your dell keyboard by Unlocking your Fn key
Method 1Press and host the Fn key located close come the windows logo design keyWhile stop the Fn key, madness the Num Lock key at the top right-hand corner of the keyboard to unlock the Fn key.if this technique doesn’t work, press and also hold Fn and Esc key to unlock the Fn keyOBS Not recording GameMethod 2Hold down the Fn key and also tap the F3 key to bring up the Dell battery monitor screen.Tap Fn and F10 together to eject the disk drive.Method 3Hold down the Fn key and also tap the up arrow an essential to boost the screen’s brightness, and press the down arrow key to to decrease the screen’s brightness.Now madness on one of the keys to rises or decreases the brightness come its maximum or minimum. MSI Laptop Battery irradiate Blinking RedMethod 4Click ~ above the Fn key while tapping ~ above the Page increase key to boost the dell laptop’s volume. Use the Page down key to reduced the volume.Method 5Press and also hold F2 and Fn key to rotate on or turn off the laptop’s wireless cardPress and also hold F1 and also Fn key to placed the laptop right into hibernate modeDell Laptop Battery irradiate Flashing Orange and White
Tip – exactly how to screen grab your display screen on dell laptop.

2. Unlock Num Lock

If the number keys by the right-hand side of your dell key-board are the only tricks not working, climate it way your dell keyboard Num Lock is locked and needs to it is in unlocked.To unlock the Num Lock key,Locate the Num Lock an essential by your optimal right-hand next for her laptop keyboard. On the an essential is created Num Lock, clicking on it must unlock the Num Lock Key.Most times, you can need come hold Fn and the Num Lock key to unlock the Num Lock key.Tip – Learn different ways to rotate on wifi on her dell laptop.
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3. Update key-board Driver

Your key-board driver can be outdated and also needs to me updated.To update your key-board driver,Click on the Windows logo design key and also search for device managerRun an equipment managerOnce the opens, locate keyboards and click on the drop-downDepending top top the number of drivers in the drop-down list, girlfriend will need to update everything.Right-click top top one the drivers and also click updateA blog post will popular music up questioning you how you desire to search for her battery drivers, pick Search automatically for to update driver software.Now let home windows search because that you drivers automaticallyIf your drivers are not up to date, upgrade your drivers and restart your laptop. If otherwise, continue to the next step.HP Laptop Mute button Stuck on OrangeTip – just how to fix black display screen on dell.

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4. Drain Dell Laptop static Electricity

This technique is highly recommended and also works for many peopleTo execute this method,Turn off your dell laptopUnplug your Dell charger and remove your dell battery. If your laptop is making use of an inbuilt battery, open up your laptop with a screwdriver and carefully detach the battery cableNow organize your Power button because that 40 come 50 secondsReconnect your battery and chargerTurn on your laptopHow To wake Up Dell Laptop from Sleep Mode

5. Replace Dell Keyboard

At this allude if your dell laptop key-board isn’t working, I indicate you replace it.
But prior to you replace it, look for the assist of a expert to assist you diagnose your laptop properly and also confirm if really your key-board needs to be replaced.HP Laptop Randomly RestartsRECOMMENDED