Where is the earth Emerald in Webkinz?

You have the right to only uncover the earth Emerald gem in the Flea Floater Mine. Friend can likewise find every green, red (Volcano Viscose and Ember Amber), yellow (Carat Eclipse, Lemon Drop and Starlight Shimmer) and also white (Goober Glitter, Booger Nugget and Zingoz Zincoz) gems.

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Where execute you uncover the diamond in Webkinz?

The Webkinz Diamond is in the hidden Bones Mine. You can find all of the white jewel there, and also a couple of yellow (Pyramid Plunder and Aurora Rox), eco-friendly (Terra Tectonic, Pearl Egg and Jaded Envy) and blue (Aqua Orb, river Ripple and Rainbow Flower) gems.

Where to find the s Sapphire in Webkinz?

The just gem I require to gain now is the ocean Sapphire. U can uncover the webkinz diamond in the buried bones mine. Many thanks for your good help i will constantly come to this website if ns need help finding gems because this is just the perfect ar to go! Omg many thanks so much! this sight helped me uncover three crowns the wonder therefore far!

What’s the hardest gem to find in Webkinz?

Chow: please, nothing blame us for no finding the HARDEST gem to find on webkinz! if girlfriend really desire to find it simply keep looking, i’m certain you’ll discover it sooner or later! exactly how are us suppost to discover the jewel if you not tell united state were they are in the mine.

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Do you have actually a WCOW in Webkinz mines?

Yes i do have actually a WCOW (we favor to speak to it the “wow-cow” my, expiditions in ~ the webkinz mines is what make this site popular! your site helped me a lot! thanks for helping me uncover the gem ns needed! Chow: no, thank YOU, that always great to listen from pan that prefer our site! I uncovered a the majority of gems in the howling horse and also buried skeletal mines.

Where to find the gems in the Webkinz World?

Buried skeletal Mine – place of all White jewel The only location to find the rarest and an important gem in the webkinz world, the Webkinz Diamond. Worth in between $400-$1000

Where execute you discover the earth Emerald in Minecraft?

The earth Emerald is found here Level 2 Red gems (Ember Amber & Volcano Viscose) Level 3 White jewel (Zingoz Zincoz, Booger Nugget, Goober Glitter) Level 3 Yellow jewel (Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop, Carat Eclipse) Howling equine Mine – ar of every Blue jewel The place of the s Sapphire. It’s only discovered here

Where to uncover the red ruby love in Webkinz?

The only place the Red Ruby love is found Level 2 White jewel (Yum Zum Sparkle & Unicorn Horn) Level 3 Blue gems (Rainbow Flower, flow Ripple & Aqua Orb) Level 3 Yellow jewel (Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop, Carat Eclipse) Flea Floater Mine – location of all eco-friendly Gems The planet Emerald is discovered here Level 2 Red jewel (Ember Amber & Volcano Viscose)

What kind of gems can you discover at Emerald hollow Mine?

Host to more than sixty different species of naturally arising gems and minerals, a online treasure trove the gemstones deserve to be discovered at our gem mine! many of this are very rare, consisting of emerald, aquamarine, sapphire, garnet, topaz, amethyst, citrine, rutile, and tourmaline, together with an abundance of people class smoky and also clear quartz crystals.


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