You can discover Rayquaza in the sky Pillar, in the upper portion of route 131. You"ll need to go over there when complying with the key quest once you"ll need to "wake up" the after the start of the fight in between Kyogre and also Groudon. Girlfriend won"t be able to catch it then because it will fly away, return you have the right to actually go back there once the fight between the other two legendaries stop and try to record it. That will constantly be lv. 70.


Get part Pokemon the can fight on par through a level 70, at the very least one discovering the moves sing or Hypnosis, or an additional sleep-inducing move.

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Fly come Pacifidlog Town.

Surf to skies Pillar, and you must have actually a Mach Bike. Several of the floors have weak spots, i beg your pardon you have the right to only go over if you"re going at full speed ~ above the "Mach Bike".

Save the game. This is incredibly important, simply in situation you can"t record Rayquaza the first time. Take as many Ultra Balls or Timer Balls as you can.

Get Rayquaza"s health and wellness down to low yellow or red. Then usage Sing, or any other relocate that put Pokemon to sleep. Store trying with the Ultra and also Timer Balls, and eventually you"ll record it.

If you white out, operation out of bag Balls, or accidentally pass out it, turn the video game off because you saved it, climate fight it again.

(Source) has extr pictures if needed.

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