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With the re-release of "Pokemon Red, Blue and also Yellow" on the Nintendo eShop, we"re yes, really seeing who played the games back during your debut and who didn"t. That"s how you tell who you want to be friends with, after every (just joking!). Yet there are aspects that brand-new players might not recognize or need aid figuring out.


concealed Moves

HMs are special "hidden" moves the you can use exterior of battle to fix the assorted puzzles you'll find scattered throughout "Pokemon Red and Blue." They're pretty basic to find and also use (unlike catching Mew) and also it's usually straightforward to figure out whereby you should use stated moves, however if it's your very first playthrough you might be struggling.

HM01 - cut

This is one of the easiest HMs to find. You"ll should have gotten in the S.S. Anne, i m sorry you need an S.S. Ticket for. You will acquire this by helping the end Bill during his unfortunately teleportation accident that turns him right into a Pokemon. You"ll have to head come Vermilion City to board the S.S. Anne and also fight her rival. When you fight and also defeat your rival, friend can get in the Captain"s quarters.

You'll uncover an older guy there who's seasick. If you offer him a backrub, you'll be rewarded with HM01, which is Cut. You deserve to use it in and also out the battle, either as a powerful attack or to cut the bushes in your way here and also there throughout the whole of the game.

It's one absolute need like the remainder of the HMs, for this reason make sure you gain it as soon as feasible in the video game so you have the right to open up extr areas come explore.

HM02 - paris

This HM is one of the most useful and likewise one of the easiest to obtain. You need only, after obtaining the Thunder argorial in Vermilion City, head to path 16. You'll discover a girl there that is in a "secret" resort area. In return for your silence and not informing anyone wherein she is, she'll offer you HM02 - Fly.

This will certainly then allow you come travel anywhere the people at the fall of a hat using a flying Pokemon. You'll be able to get to places without traveling over there on foot, an noticeable boon if you're worn down of walking everywhere and wasting beneficial time!

HM03 - Surf

This skill is important if you want to manipulate the Missingno. Glitch or other tricks in the game, so you"ll definitely want it, particularly as a powerful water-type move. You"ll uncover it in the Safari Zone, and you will acquisition it because that 500 that the Pokemon currency.

It's the only HM that you're actually forced to purchase in stimulate to achieve it, however you have to do therefore in order to complete the game. You're walk to desire to.

HM04 - toughness

If you've watched boulders or similar items in the Pokemon world, you've more than likely been curious around how to obtain them the end of your means or if you even can. Girlfriend can, and it needs the HM04 - stamin item. You'll need to head ago to the Safari region in stimulate to find this HM. If in Fuschia City you'll find a Warden who's lost his gold Teeth. You've obtained to enter the Safari ar to discover them.

Explore the bushes till you check out a Poke sphere item after ~ walking down a few steps and you'll find the yellow Teeth. Go to the left the the display after you pick up the item and go right into the house to gain Surf if friend haven't done the already, and then walk about until you immediately exit the Safari Zone.

Go ago to Fuschia City and present them to the Warden. You'll climate be rewarded with HM04 - Strength.

HM05 - flash

This is one of the most basic HMs in the video game to get, and also you'll be given it an extremely early around the Boulder argorial state in Pewter City. It's uncovered in course 2, southern of there. If you had a Pokemon who knows Cut, you'll have the ability to continue through this pathway till you watch an area close to Viridian Forest.

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There's a Professor's Aide waiting below to sell you speed if girlfriend have caught up to 10 Pokemon before that point.