(500) days of Summer is a 2009 American romantic-comedy movie directed by Marc Webb and also written through Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. Certification Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as the command roles, the movie tells a fail relationship between a young man and a young woman who doesn"t think in love. Geoffrey Arend, Chloë elegant Moretz, and also Matthew Gray Gubler also starred in it. The film nominated for 2 golden Globes, and also "Best Screenplay, Original" and "Best Screenplay" awards in ~ the 14th Satellite Awards and also 25th film Independent heart Awards, obtained acclaim native viewers and critics. (500) work of Summer was largely filmed in Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA. Canadian building was provided for the exterior that Tom"s apartment. Filming locations also included IKEA Burbank, Los Angeles ar Music Center, Bradbury Building, Redwood Bar & Grill, and Angel"s Flight.

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Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Picture by Aaron Birch top top Unsplash.

Where to be (500) days of Summer Filmed?

(500) days of Summer was filmed in 351 S Hill St (Tom"s Bench), Bradbury Building, Canadian Building, eastern Columbia Building, IKEA Burbank, Million dollar Theatre, Performing Arts facility Of Los Angeles County, suggest Fermin Lighthouse, Redwood Bar & Grill, The Music Center and Union Station.

The complete list of the places with latitude and longitude coordinates are provided below in the table.

(500) work of Summer locations Map

(500) days of Summer locations Table

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
351 S Hill St (Tom"s Bench)34.051147-118.250603
Bradbury Building34.050659-118.247856
Canadian Building34.047241-118.247681
Eastern Columbia Building34.042770-118.256241
IKEA Burbank34.174873-118.303772
Million disagreement Theatre34.050896-118.248428
Performing Arts facility Of Los Angeles County34.056347-118.248856
Point Fermin Lighthouse33.705379-118.293655
Redwood Bar & Grill34.052551-118.247482
The Music Center34.056255-118.248756
Union Station34.056252-118.236465

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