"And he led them the end as far as Bethany, and also He lifted up His hands and also blessed them. Now it involved pass, while that blessed them, the He to be parted indigenous them and carried up right into heaven. And also they worshiped Him, and returned to Jerusalem with an excellent joy." (Luke 24:50-52)The Ascension that Jesus not just closed the chapter of his set on earth, it likewise welcomed in the Kingdom of God.The work that Jesus completed on the cross assures Christians this day that the price for sin has actually been paid. The resurrection gives the promise of eternal life because that those that believe. And the ascension not just proves that Jesus is the child of God, yet that he proceeds to live, seated at the best hand that God, awaiting the day he will go back to gather those dubbed by his name. That exact same assurance to be made easily accessible to the disciples the job they observed Jesus disappear right into the clouds.The disciples had actually witnessed countless things throughout their walk with Jesus. Hundreds had been healed and also many others had been yielded from demons. Lame males walked. Sight was revived to the blind. The wind and also waves obeyed the voice of Jesus, and at his voice, the dead came ago to life. The hands-on worker had likewise experienced the miracle of the resurrection, which offered the fulfillment of prophecy. They had everything they necessary to believe, and yet the ascension added to their faith. This last wonder of Jesus on earth was additional proof the he was undoubtedly the Messiah, the son of God. Fourty days ~ his resurrection, Jesus and his disciples made their method out that the city the Jerusalem. He had spent lot of his time throughout his critical days ~ above earth appearing to many civilization who saw his crucifixion, supplying them a fix up faith and also hope. He opened the eye of the disciples" knowledge so the they can comprehend the Scriptures. That expounded the Scriptures, revealing come the practical worker all the was written about him. Now the finish of his earthly journey had actually arrived, and also Jesus had actually one last point to present them. The town of Bethany sat near Jerusalem, around two mile away. The was whereby Lazarus lived, who was one of Jesus" the next friends. The citizens of Bethany to be there as soon as Jesus elevated Lazarus indigenous the dead. It to be the town whereby Jesus" disciples uncovered the colt that Jesus talk on during his triumphal entry right into Jerusalem. It was additionally where Mary, the sister that Lazarus, had anointed Jesus"™ feet v expensive oil. Many significant events took ar in Bethany, making that a haven of remainder for Jesus during his ministry. It had actually been the closest location to residence for him; a town where he had been both accepted and ministered to. Probably that is why Jesus determined to return over there one critical time, in preparation for returning to his eternal home, heaven. When Jesus and also his disciples arrived in Bethany, castle gathered at the mountain of Olives. The instructed them to go back to Jerusalem and wait for the promise the the holy Spirit, and also the power that would come top top them. Learning that the had completed everything he had collection out to do, Jesus spread his hands and blessed the males who had followed him. Together he blessed them, the practical worker watched with amazement as Jesus to be taken up into heaven. If they ongoing to clock in awe, two men dressed in white unexpectedly stood among them. These angels assured the disciples the the Jesus who ascended right into heaven was the exact same Jesus who would return to preeminence for all eternity through peace and authority.

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