It’s no secret that the Texas has been house to a multitude of artistic endeavors. Native Austin’s ACL and also South by Southwest music festivals, to the numerous highly esteemed galleries across the state. The beloved movie “Hope Floats” a 1998 classic, was likewise filmed in the Lonestar state in the tiny town of Smithville, Texas. If you looking to take it a fun, cinematic influenced road trip, take into consideration heading down to Smithville to see the famed house, center school, and dance hall.

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Every romantic movie lover has actually high esteem for the movie expect Floats. The film attributes Birdee (Sandra Bullock) leaving big city Chicago to discover the simplicity that southerly holds after she marriage drops apart. Birdee and also her daughter Bernice (Mae Whitman) relocate in v her mommy (Gena Rowlands) and eventually run right into one that Birdee’s lovers from the past, Justin (Harry Connick Jr.). The beautiful house that the movie functions is of the Neoclassical style and also was constructed in 1908 because that J.H. McCollum. The residence is now recognized as the McCollum-Chapman-Trousdale House.

However, the iconic house is not the only thing the movie lovers have the right to see in Smithville indigenous the set. Bernice attends Smithville ISD, i beg your pardon was constructed in 1924 and can be viewed in town. The church Saints Peter and also Paul is situated in Kovar, Texas, a small town exterior Smithville together well. Because that those who understand the movie well, they’ll quickly identify Cherry Hill run Hall, in i m sorry an iconic scene between Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. Transpires. Finally, fans deserve to visit Honey’s Pizza, which was the staged together the Back-Door cafe in the film.

Hope Floats is not the just movie the was filmed in the little town that Smithville, Texas. Other movies such together “Tree of Life”, “Bernie”, and “Beneath the Darkness” to be also collection in the small town. While expect Floats might not it is in a who cup of tea the does not enjoy the romance genre, fans that do have actually been to sing the movie’s praises for decades. Countless even suggest that the little town that Smithville acts together a character chin in the emotionally film.

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