Jeepers Creepers was a box office success. Made for only $10 million, it brought in $59 million of profit. This creepy story thrilled many type of world. Keep analysis to learn a bit even more around this production and also find wbelow this horror film franchise was filmed.

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Where Was Jeepers Creepers Filmed?

The initially scene of Jeepers Creepers was swarm in Florida. The SW 180th Avenue Road that opens the movie is well-known as Tiger Trail. The same road was provided by filmmakers to shoot the scene at night in which The Creeper kills 2 policemales. To make it spookier, the director asked local homeowners to rerelocate their mailboxes for the moment of filming.

You can not believe it, but one of the scenes was filmed on one of the most beautiful horse farms in Ocala. The church wbelow The Creeper put the body in the pipe was situated tright here. After the premiere of the movie, it became a renowned attraction for fans. Unfortunately, arsonists burned down the church the year after the movie was filmed.

The last scene of Jeepers Creepers was filmed at White’s Meat Packing Plant, which was abandoned. Only the crucial crew members saw this super spooky location. They necessary to vamp up the area a bit, and also they did it extremely well. Although, after filming, the area was totally demolished and rearisen.

If you watched the movie, you have to remember the cat lady, played by Eileen Brennen. Her residence was a residential structure in Lake Country, Florida.

Reddick High School and also its gym were turned into the police terminal in the movie.

Do you remember the creepiest scene through the wevery one of bodies of the victims pursued dvery own by the Creeper? Who could forget… The moviemakers developed it in a warehouse.

The “Opper’s Diner” was a place from which the film’s characters referred to as the police. It was a collection developed in Lake Panasoffkee. The name is a recommendation to the movie’s producer, Barry Opper.

All places that Jeepers Creepers was filmed in were exposed to heavy warmth. As the crew had to work-related in the time of the summer, it was extremely difficult to make this movie.

As the budobtain of the movie wasn’t high, the crew decided to use the art department’s cafeteria to shoot scenes in the home of Jezelle.

What About Jeepers Creepers 2?

The sequel was largely filmed on the road. Filmmakers supplied the area approximately Ocala, Florida. Tiger Trails was as soon as aacquire a critical scenery for this horror.

And Jeepers Creepers 3?

While the film crew largely swarm the previous movies in Florida, the filmmakers made a decision to make the third part in one more location. The first setup was to shoot in Canada. Yet, the final decision was Louisiana as it even more carefully replicates the Florida settings.


What Is Jeepers Creepers About?

The major character of the story is the Creeper. It’s an ancient demon who feeds on people. It strikes eexceptionally 2third spring for 23 days to get organs from human beings and replace its very own damaged ones via fresh ones.

Was Jeepers Creepers Motivated by a Real Story?

Some people believe that this horror was motivated by a 1990 Michigan murderer, Dennis DePue. According to a couple of movie critics, the entirety story is a loose interpretation of the police manhunt of DePue. DePue was a high institution counselor that vanimelted after murdering his wife, Marylin. He left her body near an abandoned church. Yet, there were witnesses, Ray and also Marie Thornton, who were brvarious other and sister.

After a prolonged chase, DePue killed himself after being affiliated in a shootout with police in Mississippi.

In 1991, an episode of a documentary series Unfixed Mysteries was dedicated to Dennis DePue. Some fans watch a clear resemblance of the episode to the opening scene in Jeepers Creepers. The similarity deserve to be checked out in 2 young world who drive the open up road. They play license-plate name games. Then, a mysterious vehicle pursues them.

The main difference is that the auto in the movie is an old truck, while in “Unfixed Mysteries” it was a van. Instead of the creepy church in Jeepers Creepers, the structure was an abandoned institution.

Who Created Jeepers Creepers?

Victor Salva is the director of all the Jeepers Creepers movies. The main role was played by Jonathan Breck.

Brad Parker designed the look of the Creeper. The costume was executed by Brian Penikas. He provided his firm Makeup and also Monsters to realize the job.

Charles Garcia was responsible for designing the wings, and also they were digitally rendered by Buddy Gheen, Scott Ramsey, and Bob Morgenroth.

Even The Creeper’s truck provided on-display was an imaginative production. The Chevy COE from 1941 through all the details was entirely executed by production designer Stalso Legler. As it was junk, it made the filming also more facility. The exhaust system was damaged, so after eexceptionally take, the truck’s door had actually to be opened to let out the smoke.


Even though tright here was a low budgain, the creators of Jeepers Creepers did an excellent job. The original film was released in 2001, presenting The Creeper to the civilization. As proof that the public was happily spooked by the character, tbelow are two sequels of this franchise. Unfortunately, the criminal document of Victor Salva, the director, impacts the success of the last component of Jeepers Creepers.

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The areas in which this movie was filmed were carefully picked, and also as soon as you recognize their location, they still seem to be very spooky.