Jeepers Creepers to be a box office success. Produced only $10 million, it lugged in $59 million that profit. This creepy story thrilled many people. Keep reading to find out a bit more about this production and discover wherein this horror film franchise was filmed.

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Where was Jeepers Creepers Filmed?

The an initial scene that Jeepers Creepers was shot in Florida. The SW 180th Avenue road that opens the movie is well-known as Tiger Trail. The same roadway was provided by filmmakers come shoot the scene at night in i beg your pardon The Creeper kills 2 policemen. To do it spookier, the director asked local homeowners to eliminate their mailboxes for the moment of filming.

You can not think it, but one that the scenes was filmed on one of the most beautiful horse ranches in Ocala. The church where The Creeper put the human body in the pipe was located there. After the premiere of the movie, it ended up being a well-known attraction for fans. Unfortunately, arsonists burned down the church the year after the movie to be filmed.

The last scene of Jeepers Creepers was filmed at White’s Meat packing Plant, which to be abandoned. Only the crucial crew members saw this at sight spooky place. They essential to vamp increase the place a bit, and also they did it very well. Although, after ~ filming, the location was completely demolished and also redeveloped.

If friend watched the movie, you should remember the cat lady, played by Eileen Brennen. Her home was a residential building in Lake Country, Florida.

Reddick High School and also its gym to be turned into the police terminal in the movie.

Do you remember the creepiest scene v the wall of bodies of the victims pursued down by the Creeper? Who might forget… The moviemakers created it in a warehouse.

The “Opper’s Diner” was a location from which the film’s personalities called the police. It was a collection built in Lake Panasoffkee. The surname is a referral to the movie’s producer, Barry Opper.

All areas that Jeepers Creepers was filmed in to be exposed to heavy heat. Together the crew had to work during the summer, it was really hard to do this movie.

As the budget of the movie wasn’t high, the crew chose to use the art department’s cafeteria to shoot scenes in the house of Jezelle.

What about Jeepers Creepers 2?

The sequel was greatly filmed top top the road. Filmmakers provided the area approximately Ocala, Florida. Tiger Trails was when again an essential scenery for this horror.

And Jeepers Creepers 3?

While the film crew greatly shot the previous movies in Florida, the filmmakers determined to do the third component in an additional place. The very first plan to be to shooting in Canada. Yet, the last decision was Louisiana together it much more closely replicates the Florida settings.


What Is Jeepers Creepers About?

The main character of the story is the Creeper. It’s an ancient demon that feeds on humans. It strikes every 23rd feather for 23 job to get organs native humans and also replace its own damaged ones with fresh ones.

Was Jeepers Creepers influenced by a actual Story?

Some people think that this fear was inspired by a 1990 Michigan murderer, Dennis DePue. Follow to a few critics, the entirety story is a loosened interpretation of the police manhunt the DePue. DePue to be a high school counselor that vanished after murdering his wife, Marylin. The left she body close to an abandoned church. Yet, there were witnesses, Ray and Marie Thornton, who were brother and sister.

After a prolonged chase, DePue killed himself ~ being affiliated in a shootout through police in Mississippi.

In 1991, an illustration of a documentary series Unsolved Mysteries was specialized to Dennis DePue. Part fans view a clear resemblance that the episode to the opened scene in Jeepers Creepers. The similarity have the right to be watched in two young world who drive the open up road. Castle play license-plate surname games. Then, a mysterious vehicle pursues them.

The main difference is the the vehicle in the movie is one old truck, while in “Unsolved Mysteries” it to be a van. Rather of the creepy church in Jeepers Creepers, the structure was an exit school.

Who created Jeepers Creepers?

Victor Salva is the director of all the Jeepers Creepers movies. The main role was play by Jonathan Breck.

Brad Parker draft the look of the Creeper. The costume was executed by Brian Penikas. He used his company Makeup and also Monsters to realize the project.

Charles Garcia was responsible for making the wings, and also they to be digitally rendered by buddy Gheen, Scott Ramsey, and Bob Morgenroth.

Even The Creeper’s truck offered on-screen to be an creative creation. The Chevy COE from 1941 through all the details was totally executed by manufacturing designer Steven Legler. Together it to be junk, the made the filming even more complicated. The exhaust system was broken, so after every take, the truck’s door had actually to be opened to let the end the smoke.


Even though there to be a short budget, the creators of Jeepers Creepers did a good job. The initial film was released in 2001, introducing The Creeper come the world. Together proof that the public was happily spooked by the character, there are two sequels the this franchise. Unfortunately, the criminal document of Victor Salva, the director, influences the success of the last part of Jeepers Creepers.

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The places in i m sorry this movie to be filmed were very closely picked, and also even once you understand their location, they tho seem to be really spooky.