These are just a couple of examples of exactly how farmers steward the land by utilizing soil conservation practices. Farmers work difficult to store the land and soil healthy and balanced now and also for future generations. They understand their actions impact the environment. Nobody is closer come the planet than farmers and also it is essential to lock to treatment for the land, water and also natural resources.

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1. Sheathe Crops

CC BY-SA 2.0Credit: USDA NRCS southern Dakota ~ above Flickr

No, this isn’t when farmers placed a blanket over their crops! Cover plants are tree grown come protect and enrich soil and make sure soil is healthy and balanced by putting nutrients earlier into it. They help slow erosion, regulate pests and diseases, and also increases organic matter. The usage of cover crops has also been shown to increase chop yields. This means a farmer have the right to grow an ext food and feed more people!

Check out thisvideoon various cover crops that are accessible today!

2. Chop Rotation

CC BY-SA 2.0Credit: USDA NRCS south Dakota top top Flickr

Crop rotation is a method of planting different plants in the same field, yet during different times. This helps soil since some tree take nutrient from the floor while others include nutrients. Changing, or rotating, plants keep the land fertile because not every one of the exact same nutrients room being provided with every crop. Historians believe that that chop rotation was supplied as early on as 6,000 B.C.!

This America’s Heartlandvideobreaks down crop rotation.

3. Buffer Zones

CC by 2.0Credit: U.S. Department of agriculture on Flickr

With buffer zones, farmers plant strips of vegetation between fields and bodies that water such together streams and also lakes. This plants help keep floor in place, maintaining soil the end of the water source. Buffer zones likewise act together a filter for water the flows from the field to the waterway. Desire More?

This mine American Farmlessongives students a hand-operated experience with soil erosion and also how farmers steward the land. Or inspect out thisvideo!

4. No it rotates Fields

CC by 2.0Credit: united Soybean plank on Flickr

In tilled fields, soil is broken up to make it much easier for plants to grow. Since the floor is loose it can blow away in the wind or it is in washed away by rain, so some farmers decided to not till your fields. This way that they perform not break up the floor in their fields, maintaining the floor in location when it rains and also helping moisture continue to be in the soil.

Meet Dan Forgey, a no till farmer, in thisvideo.

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BONUS: Let's Play!


Play mine American Farm’s most well-known game Thrive. This is my American Farm’s first soil and sustainability focused game and also targets third to 5th grade students. This video game illustrates exactly how farmers and ranchers treatment for the environment! pick how you would help the floor thrive!


You can also keep the learning going with these freeSustainable farming Lesson Plans.


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