Violet light has the most energy per photon of any visible shade of light through a wavelength of about 400 nm.

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Ultraviolet light has an also smaller wavelength and as a result, an ext energy per photon, however it is invisible to the human eye.

The spectrum of visible light runs from violet come red. That is banded ~ above either side by ultraviolet and also infrared, color which human beings cannot perceive unassisted. Red light has actually the longest wavelength with about 650 nm. There are countless other colour which people cannot perceive but which space measurable v instrumentation.

Other colour of the spectrum and their wavelengths include:

Orange light v a wavelength of about 590 nm.

Yellow light v a wavelength of approximately 570 nm.

Blue light v a wavelength of approximately 475 nm.

Different wavelength of light scatter in different way through varying mediums, most noticeably Earth"s atmosphere. The sky shows up blue both since the sunlight releases a an excellent deal that blue light and also because blue irradiate scatters upon contact with Earth"s atmosphere, diffusing v it and influencing human being perception heavily.

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Ultraviolet light is so powerful that the can cause sunburns by destroying and breaking down cellular structures. This is its most visible affect on everyday human life and the most conveniently measured through its perceivable influences.

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