The historic Nordic language Old vikings has arisen for centuries into several distinctive languages, alongside some others. Here’s exactly how language functions in the Nordic region.

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Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and Faroese are well-known as the Nordic languages, spoken daily by about 19 million civilization daily.

English is widely spoken in offices throughout Scandinavia

Of course, while no an main language in any of the Nordic countries, English enjoys a special status throughout the region. In Norway, English is teach in college from a young age. Thanks to YouTube and social media, most kids come to be fluent in English extremely quickly.

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English is additionally increasingly coming to be the language of service in components of Norway. This is an extremely sector-dependent, but an English-first plan isn"t unusual in some science, engineering and modern technology settings.

Which Nordic language have to I learn?

I gain asked this inquiry occasionally and it always makes me smile. If girlfriend are moving to the region, the an option should in almost all situations be obvious. Human being moving to Norway need to start to discover Norwegian, and so on.

But together this article additionally demonstrates, Norwegian is the perfect gateway language right into Danish and also Swedish. I was as soon as told the by discovering Norwegian you obtain ‘three languages because that the price the one" and also there is some reality in that.

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However, maybe you have no intentionally of relocating to the region? If you"re simply interested in finding out a language for the fun of it, then the answer can be different.

Icelandic is closest come Old Norse, therefore that might be one because that fans the the Viking Age. If you want a challenge, check yourself through Finnish!

If you perform want to start learning Norwegian, head on over here to start. Lykke til!