1. All the members of the Kingdom Animalia a. Room heterotrophs. b. Are multicellular. c. Have actually cells without cell walls. D. All of the above
2. Dedicated cells a. Can carry out your tasks an ext effectively 보다 cells that must do plenty of tasks. b. Are found only in chordates and also echinoderms. c. Constantly operate separately of all various other cells. d. Every one of the above
3. A group of comparable cells organized into a useful unit is referred to as a. A worried system.b. A committed cell. C. A tissue.d. One organ.

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4. Pets probably evolved froma. Plants. B. Photosynthesis protists. C. Heterotrophic protists. D. No one of the above
5. Modern organisms that are thought come resemble the earliest pets are a. Plants. B. Early american protists. C. Unicellular protozoans. D. Bacteria
6. Many animals have a head the is situated at the ____ finish of your body and a tail that is situated at the ____ end of your body.a. Ventral; dorsal b. Dorsal; ventral c. Anterior; posterior d. Posterior; anterior
7. Refer to the illustration above(A butterfly and also a Sea Anemone). Organism 1(Butterfly)a. Has no symmetry. B. Is bilaterally symmetrical. C. Exhibits radial symmetry. D. Has actually reverse symmetry
8. Symmetrical phyla include all of the following other than a. Chordates. B. Mollusks. c. Arthropods. D. Sponges.
9. I m sorry of the following display screens radial symmetry? a. A flatworm b. One annelid c. A chordate d. A cnidarian
10. Cephalization a. Is a function of many invertebrates, including sponges. B. Is characterized by the concentration the sensory and mind structures in the anterior end. c. Occurs in marine protozoa. d. Results once the brain does not construct properly.
11. Which of the adhering to is discovered in vertebrates however not in invertebrates?a. A dorsal nerve cordb. Coelom c. 3 germ layersd. Bilateral symmetry
12. In ~ some stage of your development, every chordates have a flexible rod the tissue along their earlier called the a. Spinal cord. B. Pharynx. C. Notochord. D. None of the above
13. I m sorry of the following is not a vertebrate adaptation come life ~ above land? a. Lung b. Internal fertilization c. Endoskeleton d. Brain
14. Which of the complying with is no a characteristic of the biggest phylum that invertebrates, the arthropods?a. Segmentationb. Exoskeleton c. Close up door circulatory systemd. Digestive tract
15. In sponges, digestion occursa. In a gut. B. In separation, personal, instance cells. C. In a central cavity v a solitary opening. D. Outside of the animal"s body.
16. During which the the following stages of animal advance are the germ layers formed? a. Fertilization b. Cleavage c. Gastrulation d. Body organ formation
17. The acoelomate body type is exemplified by a. Flatworms. B. Roundworms. c. Mollusks. D. Annelids
18. I m sorry of the complying with is an untrue match?a. Ectoderm—nervous system b. Mesoderm—skeletal mechanism c. Endoderm—muscular mechanism d. Endoderm—digestive system
19. Together an animal develops, the ectoderm i do not care the a. Heart.b. Organization that present the body cavity. C. Skin and also nervous system.d. Muscle tissue
20. Two deuterostome phyla are a. Annelids and ctenophores. B. Echinoderms and chordatesc. Arthropods and chordates. D. Cnidarians and also sponges
21. Describe the illustration above. An organism through no human body cavity is shown in diagrama. 1. B. 2. c. 3. D. No one of the above
22. Refer to the illustration above. The organism displayed in chart 2 is a(n) a. Acoelomate.b. Pseudocoelomate. C. Coelomate.d. Vertebrate.
23. Refer to the illustration above. Humans have the kind of body cavity presented in chart a. 1. B. 2. C. 3. D. None of the above
24. I beg your pardon of the following is no a function of the body cavity?a. It provides a for sure structure against which muscles deserve to contract. B. It acts as a tool for the move of nutrients and also wastes. C. It provides rise come germ layers. D. It aids flexibility of movement
25. A major difference in between the advance of invertebrates and also that of vertebrates is thata. Many invertebrates experience indirect development, while many vertebrates undergo direct development. b. Most vertebrates undergo indirect development, while many invertebrates undergo straight development. c. Vertebrates have actually larvae, when invertebrates perform not. d. Invertebrates have yolked eggs, if vertebrates carry out not.

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a. Many invertebrates undergo indirect development, while most vertebrates undergo direct development.