__ is/are no characteristic the impressionist music. A. Heavy romanticism B. Subdued atmosphere C. Fragility and also decorative beauty beauty D. Sensuous ton color
__ is/are no characteristic of impressionist music. A. Hefty romanticism B. Subdued setting C. Fragility and also decorative beauty beauty D. Sensuous ton color
Which nineteenth-century innovation assisted to boost the piano? A. Note were gotten rid of from the high and also low ends. B. Wood hammers changed leather. C. The secrets were made broader to be an ext easily played. D. It to be electrified.
The nineteenth-century creation that assisted to improve the piano to be that wood hammers changed leather.
Wagner"s "Ring Cycle" is composed of A. Seventeen songs. B. 4 operas. C. One opera through introduction. D. A Mass and a requiem.
smashville247.net: Wagner"s "Ring Cycle" consists of four operas. User: In an arts song, the vocal soloist often takes on many roles. The composer helps to achieve this by differing the _______ of various voices. A. Show B. Tempo C. Pitch selection D. Style (More)
In an art song, the vocal soloist frequently takes on lot of roles. The composer help to achieve this by varying the layout of different voices.
Steve Reich took trip to Ghana in 1970 to research A. Philosophy. B. Harmony. C. Ewe drumming. D. Huang chung.


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smashville247.net: Glaciers contain close come 70% of all the new water on Earth.Wind erosion is most common in flat, bare areas ...
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