Everywhere friend look, human being are still totally obsessed with "Full House." So with a "Full House" revival on the method in 2016, it"s about time you brushed up on her Tanner family members facts.

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We"ve got 11 mind-blowing facts that will make "Full House" fans giddy v 90s nostalgia, minus the stroked nerves laugh track. And if friend don"t choose it, well, go pin a rose on your nose.


Even the most eagle-eyed fans had trouble telling twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen personally on the show, however did you understand MK + A aren"t even identical twins? They"re fraternal. Not just does Ashley have actually a freckle above her lip, yet she"s likewise right-handed, when Mary-Kate is left-handed. This explains why Michelle appeared to be ambidextrous transparent the run of show, eating and writing with both hands.

To make matters more confusing for viewers, Mary-Kate and Ashley mutual a credit as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen through most of the show"s run since producers didn"t want the audience to recognize Michelle was being played by two actresses. Just how rude! They room two people, you know.


Ew. When John Stamos signed onto "Full House," his character"s surname was-- wait because that it-- Adam Cochran. Thankfully, his very first named was adjusted to Jesse before the pilot aired, and also Stamos later requested that his critical name become Katsopolis to reflect his Greek heritage.


The season eight episode "Comet"s excellent Adventure" is the only episode actually tape-recorded in mountain Francisco. Every one of the exterior shots of mountain Francisco for the series" run were filmed in one day. The remainder were filmed in Los Angeles.


"Full House" to be filmed top top the very same soundstage together the above 70s collection "Wonder Woman." and later, it would come to be home to among the greatest shows of the 90s (and maybe ever), NBC"s "Friends."


DJ Tanner and her BFF Kimmy Gibbler to visit the fictional Van Atta small High, which to be actually called after "Full House" producer Don valve Atta. He was later on bumped approximately co-executive producer throughout the show"s last two seasons.

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On the WB! regardless of the Frog network"s ideal efforts, Stamos and also Candace Cameron to be both reluctant to sign up for one more season, and the deal eventually fell through.

For starters, the wasn"t even called "Full House." The original title the the series was "House the Comics" because the idea was to have actually comedians Bob Saget and also Dave Coulier life in a home together. Yet the network pulled the plug on that idea and also opted for something more family-oriented. TBH, it was for the best because now we have Uncle Jesse in ours lives.