PokémonMystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXhas arrived because that Nintendo Switch, bringing back a different form of Pokémonadventure the a most Pokémon fans might not be acquainted with. This game hasyou—as a Pokémon—exploring ever-changing dungeons, rescuing Pokémon, battlingenemy Pokémon, and also collecting treasures.

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This overview willhelp girlfriend with picking the perfect partner, preparing because that battle, determiningeffective tactics, and anticipating eco-friendly hazards, favor dangerous traptiles, varying terrain, and extreme weather conditions.

At first, thegameplay can seem rather simplistic, however as the topics pointed out abovesuggest, there"s rather a little of depth here. Basic strategies could get youthrough the at an early stage stages the the game, yet you"ll soon find yourself strugglingif friend don"t enhance your technique. Follow these useful tips to acquire starteddown the ideal path therefore you and also your rescue team can save the day. Perhaps you"lleven uncover what"s behind your revolution into a Pokémon.

Choosing her Partner

When the game begins, your answers come a brief series ofquestions will recognize which Pokémon you will certainly play as throughout the game (thoughyou can choose a different one, if you like). You"ll also be offered theopportunity to choose one more Pokémon who will sign up with you on your quest. Now, youcould just select your favorite Pokémon native the available an option tobe her teammate, yet you"ll have actually a much much easier time of things if you choose aPokémon whose kind complements the of your character.


You definitely don"t want to have actually a rescue team composed oftwo Pokémon whose types have the exact same weaknesses. Friend should also considerchoosing a companion who is strong against Pokémon varieties that have an advantageover her character. Because that example, the Fire-type Charmander is delicate toRock-type attacks, so a Water- or Grass-type Pokémon would help counter thatweakness.

All the said, don"t sweat that if you don"t get your initialPokémon pairing exactly perfect native the start. As you play, you"ll end uprecruiting other Pokémon to her rescue team, and your widening roster willprovide even much more chances come optimize your team because that the difficulties you"ll face.

Preparing for Dungeons

Heading right into a dungeon is type of a large deal. Unless you usean escape Orb, girlfriend can"t leaving a dungeon until you finish your objective oruntil you"re knocked the end (bonus tip: you don"t want that come happen). You"llfind useful items within dungeons, yet due to the randomly created nature ofthese areas, don"t counting on coming throughout the item you need when you require it. Sinceyou deserve to never be sure what you"re in for, it"s extremely vital to do sureyour rescue team is ready for any type of situation prior to entering the fray.


Always swing by Pokémon Square to stock up on provides beforeheading out on a job. Money (called Poké) that you"ve collected on vault outingsshould be offered to purchase supplies for the journey ahead. Items come healnegative status conditions can it is in crucial, and also drinks that boost your stats cangive you a solid advantage. Girlfriend can also stock up on damaging items to throw atenemies indigenous afar. Don"t forget to snag some Max Elixirs—given the number ofenemies you"ll encounter, there"s a really real possibility of running the end of PPon several of your much more powerful attacks. A Max Elixir will restore that PP soyou"re no stuck using weaker strikes just as you delve into the depth levelsof a dungeon, where the risk increases.

Also be conscious that you should keep yourself well fed duringyour journey. If her Pokémon"s ship gets north while you"re in a dungeon, you"llbegin to lose health and wellness fast. Carry some food follow me to nosh on as youexplore. Every now and also again, you"ll come across a small shop operation by Kecleon ina dungeon. There"s a great chance friend won"t have found enough money in thatdungeon alone to acquisition anything, for this reason you might want to carry some extra moneyinto the dungeon with you just in instance you need it.


One that the quirks that dungeons is that if you"re knocked out inone, you will certainly lose any kind of items and also money the you were holding at the time.Depositing goods and also money in Pokémon Square"s Kangaskhan Storage and FelicityBank will safeguard them when you"re off adventuring, with the trade-off that,well, you won"t have accessibility to lock if you require them. You have to balance hazard andreward when deciding what to bring and what to leaving behind as soon as you start aquest—but never get in a dungeon unprepared.

Positioning your Team

It can not it is in immediately evident when you start youradventure, yet Pokémon secret Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is a turn-basedgame. Every time you take a step, usage an item, or do an attack, the counts asa turn. Then, your teammates do their moves, and also finally, any kind of enemy Pokémonon the dungeon floor you"re right now exploring perform their thing. Each turn you takealso decreases the quantity of food in your Belly. Because of all this, it"simportant to learn how to skillfully move about in dungeons to preserveprecious food and to maneuver your partners into position to assault enemies.


You"ll likewise need come be conscious of how your teammates followyou approximately the dungeons. As soon as you want them to be in a an accurate position, pressthe + button anytime (even throughout a battle) to manage a various teammate.Note the this won"t occupational with Pokémon who have just joined your team in thecourse of your existing dungeon trek. Alternatively, organize the B switch whilemoving onto an additional Pokémon"s an are to switch positions with them. This can behandy as soon as you"re trying to obtain someone to step on a stat-normalizing WonderTile. It"s also useful as soon as you encounter an enemy in small corridors. If yourpartner is dealing with a Pokémon to which they space vulnerable, girlfriend can conveniently swapplaces v them to traction them the end of instant danger. Likewise, you deserve to usethis trick to put your friend between you and the opponent if you require a littlebreathing room or if you have a long-range strike at your disposal.

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Knowing her Combat Range

You"ll encounter plenty of foe Pokémon lurking around asyou explore dungeons. You"ll likely have to fight them, of course, and also you"llbe much more effective if you take benefit of your attacks" ranges. Every ofyour moves affects a set variety of spaces about you, and also if your foe is in oneof those spaces, they"ll take it a hit. Many assaults simply hit the space directlyin front of you, however that"s not always the case.