Are you throwing a dinner party and wondering just how to collection a table that will wow her guests? v dessert spoons, soup spoons, teaspoons, and also more, no wonder you’re curious! We’re sharing everything you need to know for exactly how to properly collection a table!


Displaying kind etiquette and an excellent manners is essential forthree critical reasons. (Besides that they singlehandedly boost the social dining experience!)

First, your ar settings set the tone for the evening, whether that be formal or casual. Second, that shows world how much effort you’ve placed in which renders them feel important to you! and also last, it provides your food looksgreat.

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So, if you’re wondering exactly how to develop the perfect ambiance, look no further. We’ve compiled a overview that consist of both casual, official and modern table settings. If you have any type of questions, top this list for all her answers!


Types that Table settings

Casual straightforward Table setting Formal Table Setting modern-day Table setup

How to collection a Table for a Casual Dinner

Maybe you’re throw a birthday party or a semi-casual Mother’s day bash. Whatever the excuse (and who needs one?) casual dinner parties have their ar in the civilization of ideal etiquette!


Let’s assume by now you’ve got your RSVPed guests collected. Use that number to conference the ideal amount of offers per person:

A chic placemat and/or beautiful napkinA dinner plateA salad plate, if you’re serving saladA soup bowl, if you’re serving soupA dinner fork and dinner knife, and also a salad fork and also soup spoonA water glassA red or white wine glassA cocktail glass

It’s necessary to plan your courses ahead of time for this reason you understand what tools you need. If you’re omitted the salad or soup, feel cost-free to do whatever on the list but those.

Steps to setup a simple Table setup

First, put down her placemat if you’re making use of one.

Set the dinner key in the facility of the placemat (or directly in front of the seat, if no placemat).

If you’re having salad, set the salad bowl atop the dinner plate in the center. If you’re having soup, location the soup bowl atop the salad plate.

Your napkin can either sit atop the dinner key or on the left that the dinner plate, whereby you can place silverware on top.

The fork constantly goes come the left. Imagine her guests space cutting a piece of chicken or steak generally they’d host the meat stable with the fork in their left hand when carving through the knife in their right hand. Thus, the knife always goes to the right.

The knife constantly points in ~ the water glass through the blades facing the plate. Location your water glass directly over the knife’s point. If you’re offer wine, the alcohol glass will sit closely and diagonal come the water glass ~ above its appropriate side.

For serving soup, ar the soup spoon to the best of the knife. If you’re serving a salad, put a salad fork to the left that the dinner fork.

The ‘main’ silverware continues to be closest come the dinner plate for the ‘main’ dish.

As each course is completed, you’ll take far the cutlery that was used. After the soup, you’ll remove the soup bowl and also spoon, exposing the salad plate. ~ the salad, you’ll remove the salad plate and also expose the dinner plate.

How to set a Table for a formal Dinner

A official dinner set-up requires the very same essentials together a basic dinner, add to a couple of extras. This setting is an excellent for holidays choose Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas brunch. It’s also how girlfriend would collection the table for a sophisticated wedding or milestone party wherein you’re serving a coursed meal.


Again, this depends on the variety of courses you plan to serve. Fancier dinners usually have a irradiate dessert and/or a bread and butter plate, too. For this, you’ll require a little more supplies:

Bread platesButter knivesDessert spoons (or cake forks)Optional: separation, personal, instance salt and pepper shakers and/or a ar card v the guest’s name

Once you’ve gathered the supplies, let’s move on to setup the table!

Steps to setup a official Table setup

First, lay her placement directly in former of the guest’s seat.

Atop the placemat, you’ll location your charger plate. This is likewise optional it’s like a placeholder for the dinner plate while your guests have the soup and also salad. If you choose a charger plate, you can replace it with a dinner plate ~ the an initial two courses, or you have the right to place the dinner bowl on optimal of it.

On optimal of the charger or dinner plates, you’ll ar your salad plate and then soup bowl layers the harmony!

To the left of your dinner plate, location your dinner fork. To the left the that, her salad fork. On the appropriate side, you’ll have actually your dinner knife and also then her soup spoon.

Napkins space usually ~ above the left side as well, with the dinner fork and also salad fork atop them.

Again, ar the water glass directly above the knife’s allude on the ideal side. Put your white or red wine glasses (or both!) near the water glass, developing a tight triangle.

Ifyou’re doing dessert, place your dessert spoon or cake fork horizontally right above the dinner plate. That is horizontal position relays the article that the utensil is for later on in the meal.

The bread plate is top top the optimal left of the arrangement, mirroring the glasses ~ above the other side. Atop the bread plate is the butter knife, i beg your pardon should constantly lay horizontally and also parallel to the dessert utensil.

If you’re using location cards, put them right above the dessert utensil. Compose the guest’s name on both political parties of the card. Individual salt and also pepper shakers will certainly bookend the ar card salt ~ above the left, pepper on the right.

How to set a modern Table

Printable Table setup Guide

Furthermore, we developed a an extremely handy modern-day table setup guide the you have the right to download, print or pen for reference! A quick glance and also you deserve to see whereby to place everything on the table.

This setting is great for any type of party or event that is no formal, but additionally not supervisor casual. Something prefer a charcuterie party or a wine and also cheese gathering.


You’re all set to host a dinner party!

Frequently Asked concerns

Where walk the napkin walk when setup a table?

You deserve to get an innovative with napkin placement! place it in the facility of the bowl or in a napkin ring to the left the the forks. You can likewise place it under the salad plate or urgent under the forks.

How perform you set a table v wine glasses?

When offer red and white wine, location the wine glasses below the water glass and also down in a line. Begin with water glass, then red wine glass, climate white wine glass and also continue because that as plenty of wine glasses as you need. Location the glasses in order from what alcohol you’re serving. Start with the alcohol glass closest come the water glass.

What is the proper way to collection silverware on a table?

We covered this above, however here is a fast recap:

Fork to the left of the plate.Knife to the appropriate of the plate v the blade facing the plate. Spoon come the best of the knife. Tiny salad fork to the appropriate of the fork.Dinner fork and also spoon in ~ the peak of the plate.

What room the 2 major types of location setting?

The two significant types of place settings space casual and also formal. Us cover every the details for setup both tables using these most famous settings.

How execute you collection up a an easy table?

To set a an easy table, use our casual table setting guide. This is setting uses a dinner plate and also salad plate and a simple silverware setup too. It’s simple to perform a great for casual dinner parties and gatherings.


And there you have actually it exactly how to collection a table for your loving guests.

Your friends and also family (and you!) will love the extra effort you’ve placed in to carry out a wonderful experience. Her dinner parties will certainly be unforgettable, and so will certainly the memories the come out of it.

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Now it’s time to gain down to the specifics. What food and also drink will certainly you offer your attendees?

We can help there, too. Inspect out our recipes here!

Check the end this listof ten delicious wines (under $30!) that you can all enjoy on a one-of-a-kind day.

Also, our wine overview is perfect because that learnings me simple tips because that serving wine!

To end up being the can be fried host, see our 10 entertaining advice to live by! and check out our party buying overview to calculate just how supplies.

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