there are roughly 100 million turkeys that live ~ above farms across the unified States. ~ above Thanksgiving, we’re intended to eat 46 million the them.

Turkeys live nice much all over in the united States, together you can see in this map below — which provides 2012 data native the USDA. (That’s the critical time the agency conducted an farming census.)

But two states really lead the way in turkey production: Minnesota and North Carolina.


Alongside Minnesota and also North Carolina, four other says are responsible for virtually all turkey manufacturing in the US

The recent 2016 numbers from the USDA display that two-thirds of turkeys produced in the us hail from six states.

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Minnesota leader the nation in turkey production, v 44 million turkeys. Following is north Carolina, through 33 million turkeys.

Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and also Virginia round out the list, v each state contributing an ext than 15 million turkeys annually.

Overall, turkey manufacturing is up in 2016, i m sorry is an excellent news. In 2015, American farmers experienced through the worst bout that avian flu in history. The epidemic killed almost 50 million birds, plenty of of which to be chicken and also turkeys. According to Fortune, the outbreak cost farmers almost $191 million in shed revenue.

More Americans room eating turkey, too, as various cuts that turkey increase in popularity

Americans no longer simply buy entirety turkeys. Soil turkey, turkey breasts, and also turkey deli slices are also popular turkey products, follow to national Turkey Federation spokesperson Kimmon Williams.

Williams called me via email that since the 1970s, turkey has been the 4th most renowned meat in the US, and also that the lot of turkey human being eat every year has double from around 8 pounds to 16 pounds.

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Most turkey in the us is quiet consumed with supermarkets and also retail, however in current years, nationwide Turkey Federation data has shown turkey obtaining ground in the food organization industry as well.

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