Longitude is the measurement east or west the the prime meridian. Longitude is measure up by imagine lines the run approximately the earth vertically (up and also down) and meet in ~ the North and also South Poles. This lines are recognized as meridians. Every meridian actions one arcdegree that longitude. The distance approximately the planet measures 360 degrees.The meridian the runs v Greenwich, England, is internationally embraced as the heat of 0 degrees longitude, or element meridian. The antimeridian is halfway about the world, at 180 degrees. It is the basis because that the International date Line.Half the the world, the eastern Hemisphere, is measured in degrees east the the prime meridian. The various other half, the west Hemisphere, in levels west the the prime meridian.Degrees that longitude are divided into 60 minutes. Each minute that longitude have the right to be further divided into 60 seconds. Because that example, the longitude that Paris, France, is 2° 29" E (2 degrees, 29 minutes east). The longitude for Brasilia, Brazil, is 47° 55" W (47 degrees, 55 minutes west).A degree of longitude is about 111 kilometers (69 miles) at its widest. The widest locations of longitude are close to the Equator, wherein the earth bulges out. Since of the Earth"s curvature, the actual distance of a degrees, minutes, and seconds the longitude counts on its street from the Equator. The higher the distance, the much shorter the length between meridians. Every meridians meet at the North and also South Poles.Longitude is pertained to latitude, the measure up of distance north or southern of the Equator. Currently of latitude are called parallels. Maps space often marked with parallels and meridians, creating a grid. The suggest in the grid wherein parallels and also meridians intersect is dubbed a coordinate. Works with can be offered to find any allude on Earth.Knowing the exact works with of a site (degrees, minutes, and seconds that longitude and latitude) is an useful for military, engineering, and also rescue operations. Coordinates can offer military leader the place of weapons or opponent troops. Coordinates help engineers arrangement the best spot because that a building, bridge, well, or various other structure. Coordinates help airplane pilots soil planes or drop assist packages in specific locations.

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Into the good Wide OpenIt to be not till the 18th century that world were able to correctly recognize their longitude, even though they had been may be to figure out latitude for part time.

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No being able to reckon longitude was dangerous for sailors. Without an accurate location, they could easily operation out that food or water top top a long expedition into uncharted territory.